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hi there i have huge pours in my face , my nose and chin area and i tend to pic up loads of black heads , i know pushing them out is bad as you never really get it all, i find myslf trying to push them out and then i tend to bleed, is then a product i can use to reduce the amount of black heads ?


Thank you for your question. This problem is actually very common. You have to resist the urge of pressing out congestion on your skin as we normally are not very careful with our own skins and we end up injuring the skin unnecesarily. You really have 2 options here… you can use the slightly slower, self treatment option of getting into the routine of using a clarifying mask on a weekly basis as well as using exfoliating enzymes at least twice a week, and then making sure you’re giving your skin the propper hydration and protection it needs to maintain these results by means of a good, hydrating moisturiser and SPF. Option 2 is to do all I’ve already mentioned but include a course of treatments to gve you much faster results. Treatments could range from a simple course of salicylic acid peels, to a combination of peels and laser therapy (depending on the severity of the problem, and of course how quickly you want the problem resolved). We would be most happy to help you out with a step by step plan at any one of our Skin Renewal Branches.

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