Question: Skin Care

Hi there I'm 21 years old with combination skin. Is it too early to start using anti ageing products? What kind of skin care regime should I be following as I don't really do anything at the moment besides washing my face and moisturizing Thanks


Thank you for your enquiry. The word "anti-ageing" is really very misleading. My philosophy is that you need to start treating that concern you as early as you can. So the moment you see a concern starting on your skin, start to use the appropriate product. So if you look at your skin and you start noticing, for example, that you are starting to notice fine lines starting around your eyes, then start using a good eye product. So if you are happy and comfortable with your current products then by all means, please continue. The one thing that that is definately missing fro your regime, is a daily SPF. We have got to use SPF every day on our skin, especially in SA! I highly reccommend the Heliocare Range of suncare products, they are really fantastic.

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