Question: Skin Tags And Flat Moles

Hi Dr.Maureen, I'm actually an Asian living in Cape Town for 8 yrs now. I have skin tags and flat moles on the face and neck, but you don't actually see it unless I lay down on a bed with white light that they usually use at a dermaclinic. Where or how do I treat them? Do they cauterize them like they do at beauty/derma clinic in far east? Thank you.


Thank-you for your question. There are a number of treatment methods for treating these. Such as cauterisation, as they do in many clinics. There is also freezing with liquid nitrogen, although there is some risk of scarring, so many patients will avoid having this in the face and neck. At my clinics we make use of an ND Yag laser, which gives us really brilliant results. Please go ahead and Google one of our Skin and Body Renewal Clinics so that you can have a look at the various treatment options as well as some before and after pictures.

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