Question: This Question Actually Concerns My Nails. They Have Started Peeling Lately And I Would Love To Know What Can Be Done For This, And What Is Causing It.

This question actually concerns my nails. They have started peeling lately and I would love to know what can be done for this, and what is causing it.


Hi, unfortuantely I don’t work in the nail department so I won’t be able to tell you exactly what the problem could be. I get my nails done with one of the ladies in our salon and she advises me to use a cuticle and matrix oil twice a week and to give my nails a break from polishes from time to time. Maybe this can help for you too. Also are you using harsh chemicals when cleaning? Or it could be your diet or lifestyle. Best I can tell you is to ask someone who specialises in this as they’ll be better at advising you. Good luck

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