Question: Where Can I Go To Get My Makeup Done The Way I WANT To Look?

Every time I go to a makeup shop for a makeover, I'm unhappy with the way I look when I leave. Where can I go to get my makeup done the way I WANT to look?


Hey there

This one is rather tricky… What are you asking fort? Are you being specific about some of your past experiences and are you letting them know about what makes you unhappy when you leave? These questions and statements are key factors in helping the person busy with your make-up understand the kind of out come that you want from them. Also talking through the whole thing can make it easier to avoid mistakes. You could also look for pictures on the internet of make up ideas that you might like and take this along with you next time you have your make up done. I often tell my clients to bring along an idea of what they are looking for so that I know what they expect when I have completed a look. Try the above and if these ideas dont work then try applying your own make up, playing around until you find something that you like and that you could work on.

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