Question: Why do I have pigmentation problems after giving birth?

Hi, I have really hectic pigmentation problems, which started after my son's birth. It's on my neck and my under arms. What should I use as I am currently on Clinique?


Thank you very much for your question. If this pigmentation has been caused due to hormonal influences, I’m afraid it’s not as simple as just putting on a cream. What you will most likely find is that there is still some sort of imbalance in the hormones after having had your baby and for some reason this has not “gone back to normal”. What we need to investigate is where the imbalance is and correct this, otherwise you are going to keep having the issue. In terms of dealing with the pigment that is already there, you need to try and avoid any irritation in that area, so avoid chafing and the use of perfumes or deodorants or harsh, alcohol containing cosmetics in that area. You also need to use a potent SPF and something that is going to prevent the production of more pigment, something like Skin Medica’s Lytera Serum or Lamelle’s Brighter Concentrate. If you would like us to help you investigate a bit deeper, we would love for you to make an appointment with one of our Health Renewal Doctors. You can find your nearest branch on

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