Avon Quadro FX – review

We review Avon's Quadro FXQuadro FX Revitalising Shaving Gel, R70

I think I’ve mentioned this before; I like shaving gel that foams. It not only makes it easier to see where you shaved – yes, guys are like that – but it also makes for an easier shave. Avon’s shaving gel does none of this and it was quite a challenge to use it on my tough beard. Despite the non-foaming gel, my skin did feel soft after the shave. For guys who are into their skin-regimes and invest in beauty products, this one’s for you. For guys like me who want to see some foam, give this one a skip.

Quadro FX Revitalising After Shave Conditioning Balm, R80

Unlike Avon’s shaving gel, the after-shave balm did the trick. For somebody who never applied after shave balms or gels before, this has now become a regular in my morning, dare I say, beauty regime. If the shave was tough, be assured, this balm will bring back some life to your skin. It acts like a moisturizer, so there’s no need to plaster on more lotions, unless you’re somebody who believes in an extra sunscreen.

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