TRESemmé InstantRefresh Dry Shampoo Trial Team

TRESemme Dry Shampoo

Price: R62.99
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide

What we say:
The whole idea behind TRESemme’s InstantRefresh Dry Shampoo is getting a “freshly washed” look without actually having to wash your hair. This is great as washing your hair everyday can lead to it drying out and becoming dull looking. The promise of a fresh look and feel, instantly removing oil and leaving your hair with no powder residue is unfortunately not true in my opinion. Having short pitch-black hair there is nothing that will make my hair look “freshly washed” like an actual hair wash. But, true to my moto of trying out everything at least once, I gave it a shot.

I came across a few problems. On the can it states it should be sprayed onto roots from 25-30 cm away. But by doing that one does not target the roots but instead your whole head of hair. It does have a pleasant citrus smell but give it a couple of minutes that pleasant smell turns into something that reminded me of chemistry class. My shiny pitch-black hair turned one shade duller. And the texture of my hair felt a tiny bit greasy and limp. I do feel the idea behind TRESemme’s InstantRefresh Dry Shampoo is great but it’s not suited for me and my short black hair.’
– Rochelle

‘I would like to start this review by pointing out that I have previously made use of the TRESemme InstantRefresh Dry Shampoo – Foam and was not impressed with the results; it left my hair greasy and I could not wait to wash it out! So when I first received the TRESemme InstantRefresh Dry Shampoo – Spray, I honestly did not think that I would be happy with the results.

‘Nevertheless, I waited for my hair to become slightly greasy, sprayed the TRESemme InstantRefresh Dry Shampoo – Spray onto the roots of my hair and waited for it to set for about a minute, before rubbing it in. I was pleasantly surprised, not only was my hair looking clean and smelling fresh, but it seemed to have a bit of added bounce and volume as well! I will definitely recommend this product, however, I strongly suggest that you check which one of the TRESEMME InstantRefresh Dry Shampoo – Foam or TRESEMME InstantRefresh Dry Shampoo – Spray suits your hair type best!
– Julandism

The product has a light, almost citrus scent, and as to be expected the spray is bright white in colour; fine if you have light coloured hair. After massaging into my scalp, and distributing evenly, I found it difficult to get rid of the white powder that clung to my roots despite vigorous brushing.

It left my hair feeling slightly dry. The roots felt quite thick injecting instant volume, making it from a distance looking truly fresh and washed. Until I saw that my roots were actually just as greasy as they had been originally. There was a slight difference, but not even repeated application improved the appearance. It felt clean, yet visibly, wasn’t. I’m quite disappointed with this product, as I’m a big fan of their shampoos and conditioners. I really did expect more from this product.
– Malherbe

As a newbie to dry shampoos I was a bit skeptical that a product like this could actually work, but the TRESemme InstantRefresh Dry Shampoo is something everybody should have in their beauty cabinet. The directions were easy to follow and in just a few minutes my hair was refreshed and smelling great. It did not leave behind any white powdery residue, but I found that you must rub it in. This is a real winner for those morning when you are running late and just need your hair to be extended for another 24 hours.
– Carolyn


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