SOiL’s Balancing Baobab – review

SOIL Baobab Body Wash and Body LotionWhat they say:
SOiL‘s range of Baobab products contain oil from the ageless giants of Limpopo, with essential oils of rose geranium and sandalwood to balance and restore. Sourced from a local African community initiative in Limpopo, SOiL works with local farmers to create a valuable and sustainable resource, providing upliftment to the local community. Baobab oil contains vitamins that actively rejuvenate and renew, while essential fatty acids nourish and maintain supple and healthy skin.

What we say:

Balancing Baobab Body Wash

‘I’ve recently returned from spending 10 months in the sun in the hottest place on earth – Thailand. And as a result, my skin has become extremely dry. After a few days, SOiL’s Balancing Baobab Body Wash not only restored the pH balance to my skin, it also wasn’t as dry – I found I only needed to apply a minimul amount of moisturiser instead of the usual handfuls of lotion. These days my skin feels silky after each wash and I no longer believe that for my skin to be clean it needs to feel tight. The relaxing spa-like scent of rose geranium and sandalwood doesn’t hurt either.’
– Megan

Balancing Baobab Body Lotion

‘The cream is easy to apply, is absorbed easily into my skin, and doesn’t leave a greasy film. It feels rich and nourishing and kept my skin smooth and hydrated for hours.The fragrance is fresh and earthy and reminds me of the smells in a spa, which triggers instant relaxation and that winding down feeling.’
– Claire

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26 Responses

  1. “local farmers” “valuable and sustainable” “upliftment to the local community.” All those word together, definitely makes this a product to try.!

  2. Hi TJK, we assume it’s with great machinery and a skilled team of workers :)

  3. soil is a proudly south african range of aromatherapy products that help nourish the skin while keeping it moisturised. excellent products

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