Battle of the hand sanitizers

Battle of the hand sanitizers 1

Covid-19 isn’t going to disappear anytime soon, which means regular handwashing and sanitizing is going to be crucial for the foreseeable future. While washing your hands with soap and warm water is always first prize, hand sanitizers are essential to kill germs when you’re not able to access a basin, like when you are out shopping, at appointments or visiting public places.

One thing we’ve learnt is that not all hand sanitizers are equal! The best hand sanitizers have a high alcohol content (around 70%) along with other added ingredients to nourish and soften the hands. The scent should be pleasant (and not take your breath away!), and it should not leave your hands feeling sticky.

With the demand for hand sanitizers increasing, there has been a major increase in the variety available. We put a couple of new releases to the test. Here’s how they fared.

Battle of the hand sanitizers 2

Clicks Expert Waterless Hand Sanitizer
Price: R29.99
Size: 100ml
Alcohol percentage: 70%
Scent: It has quite a strong alcohol scent.
Texture: It has a lightweight gel texture that absorbs rapidly and leaves hands feeling soft.
The bottom line: Really pleasant to use, doesn’t leave hands feeling dry and has a lovely light texture. It’s very affordable too.
Shop here

SOiL Lemon and Tea Tree Hand Sanitizer
Price: R30.00
Size: 50ml
Alcohol percentage: 70%
Scent: This does not smell like a regular hand sanitizer at all; it has a beautiful scent of lemon and tea tree essential oils.
Texture: It has a runny, almost watery texture that absorbs rapidly.
The bottom line: Probably the best scent of any hand sanitizer we’ve used! It’s great that the product is housed in glass rather than plastic. The organic essential oils are a great addition to the formulation. It does not dry out the skin, but rather has a moisturising and softening effect.
Shop here

Clere Pure & Protect Instant Hand Sanitizer
Price: R15.99
Size: 50ml (larger sizes available)
Alcohol percentage: 70%
Scent: It has a very fresh, “clean” scent with a hint of something sweet that we cannot quite put our finger on. This may sound crazy but the scent reminds us of how My Little Pony’s used to smell back in the day (90s kids will remember!).
Texture: It has a light gel texture that spreads easily with no stickiness in sight.
The bottom line: This hand sanitizer is available in various sizes, from pocket-sized all the way to 400ml, making it really convenient to have at home, in your handbag, on your desk and in the car. It’s affordable, has a great texture and isn’t sticky.
Available for purchase at most retailers.

Cape West Waterless Gel Sanitizer
Price: From R50.00
Size: 75ml
Alcohol percentage: 70%
Scent: It has a subtle disinfectant scent that disappears the moment the gel is rubbed into the skin.
Texture: It has a gel texture that spreads well and absorbs quickly.
The bottom line: Another great vegan option, this sanitizer contains natural moisturizing extracts aloe vera, green tea and chamomile. It is non-sticky, non-fragranced and leaves the skin feeling soft.
Shop here or download the “Clean Beauty” app on IOS or Android and shop directly from the app.

Inoar Hydrating Sanitizer Gel
Price: R150.00
Size: 500ml
Alcohol percentage: 70%
Scent: It has a strong antibacterial scent.
Texture: It has a runny gel texture that absorbs easily and doesn’t leave a sticky residue on the skin.
The bottom line: The formulation is very pleasant to use because the added argan oil moisturises the skin, preventing it from drying out. We absolutely love that it comes in a pump bottle. In addition, it is vegan and cruelty-free.
Shop here

Shower to Shower Germ Protect Instant Hand Sanitiser Spritzer
Price: R19.99
Size: 100ml
Alcohol percentage: 70%
Scent: It has a fresh fragrance that reminds us of classic men’s aftershaves.
Texture: It sprays like a fine mist, which is very convenient as it does not require a lot of rubbing in. Of all the hand sanitizers we tested, this one has the lightest texture.
The bottom line: This sanitizer is very affordable and works like a dream. We absolutely love the fine mist and quick-dry formulation. It’s not really intended for this, but we’ve even used it to disinfect a cellphone screen or two and a hard surface, and it seemed to do a great job!
Available for purchase at most retailers.

What is your favourite hand sanitizer?


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