Berdoues celebrates 120 years of inspired beauty

Berdoues celebrates 120 years of inspired beauty 1

2022 marks French fragrance brand Berdoues’s 120th birthday, a major milestone for any beauty brand. It’s incredible to think that this family-owned brand was created more than a century ago, and today, is still a favourite among fragrance lovers worldwide.

In 1902, Guillaume Berdoues, a hairdresser and barber, developed an amber-coloured Cologne to complete his clients’ shaving ritual. He became passionately involved in the fragrance world, and before long he opened a perfume boutique on Rue Lafayette in the city centre of his hometown, Toulouse.

His son, Henri – a chemical engineer and artist at heart –, created a delicate scent inspired by the violet of Toulouse. He developed an innovative distillation process that was the first to make use of

the leaves instead of the flowers, which brought the fragrance a soft, verdant note.

He naturally passed along that passion to Pierre, the third generation of the company, who created an affordable Eau de Cologne line with a bright, sparkling, joyful spirit, revealing simple scents with surprising fragrance complexity.

Since 2009, Sophie, the 4th generation in the family company and a qualified pharmacist, has been bringing exquisite care to the composition of its products and fragrances, making them ever “cleaner” and better for the consumer. Deeply attached to her roots and acquainted with the raw materials since earliest childhood, she is a member of that discreet generation of women who

combine the respect for their family heritage with the strength of innovation and creative sensibility.

Today, Berdoues continually strives for innovation. The brand is brought to life by a dedicated team in Toulouse who proudly provide products that are better for you and for the planet.

Berdoues Collection Grands Crus

Berdoues Collection Grands Crus is one of the brand’s most celebrated fragrance collections. Inspired by travel, the collection offers unusual yet beautiful fragrant experiences of travels through the world’s most interesting destinations.

Each scent opens up the imagination and offers a unique interpretation of the destination it was inspired by. The perfumers have composed a harmonious palette, giving birth to deliciously complex, full and balanced collection of fragrances.

The very first waft conjures up a voyage, instantly transporting you to your dream destination. Delicate yet memorable, these fragrances combine elegance and refinement. Designed for men and women searching for sublime authentic emotions, these scents are unlike anything else on the market.

Some of the most popular scents in the Berdoues Collection Grands Crus collection includes:

Somei Yoshino

The spirit of Japan captured in a glass bottle.

Berdoues celebrates 120 years of inspired beauty 2

Somei Yoshino (literally, the Yoshino cherry tree that offers the most spectacular blooming Sakura-blossom) is a discreet elegant and subtle invitation to contemplation. Berdoues perfumers have composed a tale with tender, serene overtones. Somei Yoshino is a blend of the noblest oriental materials. Shiso from Japan, Jasmine Sambac from India and Patchouli from Indonesia mingled into a balanced and harmonious floral bouquet.

Guaria Morada

The richness of Costa Rica in a glass bottle.

Berdoues celebrates 120 years of inspired beauty 3

Berdoues perfumers share their olfactory interpretation of Costa Rica’s exuberant beauty. Behind this lush nature lies a treasure, the country’s unique flower: Guaria Morada. Linking the past to the present, it is a symbol of luck and a source of good fortune. Guaria Morada is the expression of a blend combining the Orange from Brazil, the Amyris from Haiti and the Patchouli from Indonesia to create a floral and sweet fragrance.

Azur Riviera

French style freedom in a glass bottle.

Berdoues celebrates 120 years of inspired beauty 4

Berdoues perfumers reveal a journey at the heart of the French Riviera. This scent is fresh and full of surprises thanks to a blend made up of a floral bouquet and above all a marine personality that is most addictive. When the Mediterranean Sea spray blends audaciously with the softness of the white flowers, France reveals itself and shines!

Hoja De Cuba

The character of Cuba in a glass bottle.

Berdoues celebrates 120 years of inspired beauty 5

Our perfumers set off to find a new, unique and sensual land. This scent reveals the singular beauty and sweet scent of Cuba’s tobacco fields through the fragrance trail and the candour of its origins. Allspice from Jamaica, Vetiver from Haiti and Tobacco from Turkey, their alchemy takes us on a maiden scent-laden journey to Cuba. The fragrance’s plant, spice and woody notes mingle to conjure up the warm, sun-drenched, sensuality of La Havana.

We all have different ideas of what the perfect holiday or getaway might be. Whether you’re longing for crisp cool waters, someplace rich in history and culture or the experience of a bustling city, the Berdoues Grands Crus collection has a fragrance that’ll transport you to your dream destination.

Quick facts about the brand

  • Berdoues formulas contain ingredients of up to 100% natural origin.
  • All formulas are vegan.
  • Ingredients are procured through short supply chains whenever possible, which respect irreproachable ethics (such as fair trade organic aloe vera from Mexico).
  • None of their products contain controversial ingredients.
  • All products are free of colouring.
  • Formulated and manufactured in Toulouse.

The Berdoues Grands Crus collection is available from selected Truworths and Foschini stores as well as online here.


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