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hair 3What is  Biotin and will it really make my hair thicker?

Skincare expert and founder of Skin & Body Renewal, Dr Maureen Allem, responds:

Biotin belongs to the B-complex group of vitamins and is also known as Vitamin H. As a B-vitamin, biotin’s main function is helping to process food for energy and fat production, and it is also known to support the health of the skin, hair eyes and liver. Biotin is often recommended for strengthening hair and nails, and it is widely found in many cosmetic products for this purpose. However, clinical evidence to support this claim is actually limited and requires further research, but there is substantial evidence suggesting that low levels of biotin can add to hair loss.

When Biotin is ingested it reacts with cell enzymes and plays a vital role in producing amino acids. These acids are the building blocks of all proteins. Hair and nails consist of keratin, which is a form of protein. So consuming foods such as egg yolks, soya beans, pork, and nuts (almonds and peanuts) or taking a prescribed supplement that contains biotin helps contribute to hair growth.

Like any supplement it’s not going to give you a head full of thick, long and healthy hair overnight, but provided there is no underlying issues with your health and you are able to use and absorb vitamins, minerals and supplements without any problems, a good quality supplement containing biotin will be beneficial to your hair and skin.

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  1. I love using Biotin supplements, whenever I decide to do the big chop and go natural I take Biotin supplements and may hair grows back much stronger and longer.

  2. Always wanted to try Biotin but I heard that it can cause or worsen breakouts and acne? =/

  3. Hi there I tried Biotin Caps, I did not help at all. When I contacted the health shop the consultant told me that it does not work for everyone.

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