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Shield MotionSense™ Fresh Confidence Roll- On

Price:  R28.99

Shield MotionSense™ Fresh Confidence Aerosol

Price: R28.99
Availability: Health and beauty stores nationwide.




What our Beauty Network Trial Team members say:

This is a fantastic product. It works for me, and now – I’m hooked!

I love the smell – they are good enough to wear without any other fragrance, which is perfect for me because I only like to wear perfume on special occasions. Also, the packaging is pretty and easily fits into my handbag.

It feels great – they are both smooth and soft on my skin. They make me feel effortlessly confident, lasting from the morning to way into the evening, and keeping me smelling fresh all day. I would definitely, definitely recommend them!

I love the brand’s new style; it has a really refreshing look to it – much like how the product makes me feel. I would certainly buy both of them. Shield has made great strides with this new technology; it beats my regular deodorant hands down. I am really impressed with Shield bringing world first technology to us ladies – it shows that Shield really cares about us and that they are doing everything in their power to be more innovative. – Tanya


I have always used Shield as my brand of deodorant… and now it’s even better!

I would definitely recommend these products to anyone, especially if you are active.

I love the new look of the packaging, the shape of the aerosol as well as the roll-on bottle; it is funky and much easier to grip. The design is clean and simple yet eye catching and effective.

Shield really is long lasting against sweat and odour. Once applied in the morning it lasts throughout the whole day. Although I can’t say I’ve ever tested it for more than 12 hours max (that’s just a bit gross haha), but they do promise 48 hour protection!

I’ve tried both products, and I prefer aerosol – I like it to be instantly dry. But both of them work just as well. I love that there is a refill option for the roll-on. Neither burn at all when applied and are very gentle on the skin. I also really like that they don’t leave a powdery residue that many other antiperspirants do.

I generally use the Shield Invisible Black & White, which doesn’t really have a smell. I don’t particularly like that this line has a smell, just because I prefer my deodorant to be un-fragranced, and to wear perfume as a scent instead. But that’s just me – if you’re looking for the perfect combination, Shield Fresh Confidence has figured it out, with a clean, beautiful floral fragrance that’s definitely not too strong, and works.

The effect of the MotionSense technology was much more obvious with the fragranced deodorant. Even through all the winter jerseys and jackets, I would move and all of a sudden catch a light whiff of the fresh scent. This effect lasted, like little reminders that the deodorant is working and that I smell nice all day long. This now gives me confidence to wear the un-fragranced ones as well, because even though I won’t smell it, now I know that it works.

What an amazing technology! I was skeptical that something like this could be possible, and I’m not sure how it is, but I can say that it really does work!

Just when I thought Shield couldn’t get any better – they did! – Leigh- Christyn


When I opened the package I was pleasantly surprised by the pretty pink and white colours – they really give the deodorant a feminine touch.

Upon opening the roll-on and spray, I found that it had a lovely smell; it reminded me of baby powder (the best scent in the world!).

Both the roll-on and the spray felt light on my skin and they absorbed really quickly. The product smelled just fine at the end of a long day.

However, I have to say that (after a while) I felt a bit of sweat under my arms which disappointed me. I am therefore not too impressed with Shield’s MotionSense technology. – Wafiqa


I’ve finally found my perfect match!

After searching the deodorant isles, switching from one trendy smell to the next, I have never found one that I can go back to. They are all either so strong that I get over them in the first day, overly floral and sweet like air-plane deodorizers, or they smell great and subtle, but they just don’t work.

I’ve always had the opinion that good deodorants are much better when they have no smell at all. I would choose one with no fragrance and then spray my favorite scent over that for years. The main problem with this is that while you may find the most beautiful smelling perfume, they tend to fade very quickly and they stay very pricey. This method might still be perfect for special events, but I think that Shield has just found the perfect combination with their Fresh Confidence line; an every-day fragrance that I will be going back to again and again. It has the same soft, floral smell that I go for in my favorite perfumes anyway. I’m excited because it’s going to save me tons of money on perfume, and leave me with peace of mind that I smell lovely all day without over-doing it or carrying perfume around everywhere.

I love smells that are natural, fresh, and gently floral. I love smelling as if I just got out of the shower. I love not going to the bathroom every two minutes or hours to make sure that I smell okay. Most of all, I love that these products work- and work well, reminding me of the motion sense technology with a beautiful scent every time I almost work up a sweat.

The roll-on dries quickly, and the spray is effortless to use- neither of them leave irritating residue and they last all day and more. I’m so happy and thankful to Shield that I’ve finally found my perfect deodorant! – Felicia



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