Black nails are all the rage this winter – here’s why

If you wore black nail polish in the 90’s, there’s a pretty good chance someone would have called you a “goth.” If you wore it in the early 2000s, you were more likely to have been called an “emo.” Nowadays, there’s hardly a model, actress or singer who isn’t wearing it. What happened?

Whether it’s a fashion influence or our growing desire to experiment with all aspects of make-up, one thing’s certain – black nails are back! And rightly so. Why should you try it out?

1. It suits every skin tone – pale or dark, or anything in between, black nail polish doesn’t clash with any skin colour!
2. It suits every outfit – whether you’re in prints, neutrals or black itself, your nails won’t fight your outfit for attention.
3. It’s timeless – like white and grey, black doesn’t date. It works for both formal and informal occasions.
4. It adds some edge to your look – and who wouldn’t want that?


Here are some of our favourite black nail polishes for the season:

Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer in Little Black Dress, R123
SpaRitual Lacquer in Street Smart, R147
Sally Hansen Luxe Lace Nail Color in Ruffle, R99.95
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Blacky O, R109.95
essence The Gel Nail Polish in Black is Back, R24.95
essence Nail Art Cracking Top Coat in Crack Me! Black, R34.95
wet n wild Wild Shine Nail Color in Black Crème, R24.95

Are you wearing black nails this winter?

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19 Responses

  1. Matte black is so classy! I recently had it done but with gel and I absolutely loved it.

  2. strange…I never saw myself wearing black nail polish and now that barrier has been bashed I love black!

  3. Black polish looks stunning on any nail length, its a staple in my collection and comes in very handy for different nail art designs :)

  4. Recently I’ve painted my nails black with holographic glitter on it and I just absolutely loved it. I totally agree it’s so elegant and timeless. Yes, I know people don’t really like to wear black on their nails, especially the older generations.

  5. Not sure sure about black against my medium complexion. But will give it a try…

  6. I absolutely love black nailpolish! My favourite one at the moment is Licorice by Essie.

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