Blitz cellulite with bronzer

Blitz cellulite with bronzerCellulite – the bane of most women’s existence. If you’re one of the lucky ones then you don’t need to read the rest of this article. But if you’re not, then keep reading this sneaky way to leave you skin smooth, firm and dimple-free by Self magazine.

Still pestered by the puckering on your thighs and butt? If all else fails, cover it up with a faux tan. This pro advice will teach you the simple way to fab-ify your bottom-line fast.

Why it works: Objects in the mirror appear smaller when they’re darker, and that includes cellulite. Whether you use a tanning lotion or a spray, exfoliate first with a gentle body scrub to even out your skin’s surface, says Jimmy Coco, the ‘tan man’ for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. (Yes, even seemingly perfect supermodels need camouflage!) If you’re trying a spray-on self-tanner, prevent overload accidents by misting into the sink first. ‘This gives you a feeling of how fast the product comes out and how hard you need to push down,’ Coco explains.

Whichever formula you do choose, he suggests, apply it in a circular motion to avoid streaks. If there’s no time to air-dry, use a hair-dryer set to cool. Nervous about where to stop and start? Opt for a self-tanner that has a bronze tint to allow you to view your handiwork. Before you head out, try spa guru Kilgore’s sexy finisher: Apply a shimmery bronzer down the center of your legs. It’s a visual trick that gives them a longer, leaner look. Show ’em off, hot stuff!

Written by Stewart Shining, this article originally appeared in Self.



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  1. Bronzer makes everything look better! I will be sure to invest in some this summer. I hate tanning and resemble a ghost right now!

  2. I’m still ok in the cellulite department but I do enjoy the fact that a bit of fake tan makes my legs look even leaner and more muscular.

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