Braided Beauties

An easy-to-wear style, braids can be worn in a million different ways; from a sophisticated bun to a simple side-swept plait. We take a look at some of the hottest styles and show you how to get those fingers working so as to recreate the look!

The braided ‘headband’

jessica alba

Braided beauty

Jessica Alba is one of many celebs that have been sporting a gorgeous braided ‘head-band’. To create this look, pull your hair back from the face into a cute bun leaving a segment of the hair in the front to create the braids. Create two tight braids at the front of your head and secure with pins after draping across the head. If your hair is too short to cover your full head do a side parted braid or tuck two braids under each other in the centre to look like one. We love TRESemme’s Salon Finish extra hold hairspray, R62,99, to help you keep those inevitable fly-aways in place!

tresemme hair spray extra hold

TRESemme’s humidity resistant formula keeps frizz at bay for up to 24 hours!

The messy look

blake lively

Blake rocks a perfectly distressed plait.

Who better than Blake Lively to show us how to look effortlessly stylish? To get this Gossip Girl’s look, start by adding some texture to your hair by back-combing it and create some messy waves with a curling iron. Then leave out a few strategically placed pieces and braid the rest of your hair to the side to create the messy braid. We love ghd’s new limited edition wave collection – with its rounded barrel it is super easy to create curls and waves.

Braided pigtails

suzanne somers

Short and sweet.

Braided pigtails isn’t just the hair style du jour for school girls and milk maids. Suzanne Somers proves that pigtail braids can look great on short hair too. Try and avoid ‘school girl’ cliches like short skirts, tartan, ankle socks and cowboy boots when sporting this look; it is best dressed down with jeans and a slouchy t-shirt.

Traditional braids

alicia keyes 2


Traditional braiding and cornrows are an all-time favourite of Miss Alicia Keys. We absolutely love this look, but recommend going to a professional if you want tight, neat braids. Remember to get your braids redone or replaced often and keep them clean. You could also think about investing in something like Dr. Miracle’s Braid Relief spray formula, R49,99.

dr miracles braid

Spray Dr. Miracle’s Braid Relief spray formula directly onto your scalp to help relieve any itching or tightness caused by your braids.

Once you’ve found a braided style you like, make sure your hair looks good while you rock it. To learn the secrets of super shiny hair, click here


5 Responses

  1. The braided headband is so gorgeous, but so is Miss Alba – she really can work/rock anything!

  2. Messy plaits for me!
    I have tried cornrows and its not for mugraine sufferers like me..

  3. I love cornrows. As a busy mom, I don’t have time to be doing fancy hairstyles and cornrows are a perfect time saver and usually lasts about 10 days before I open them. It also helps my hair to grow

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