Bristles and brushes

Bristles and brushesWith so many brushes available, do you ever wonder which one you should pick? Using the correct brush for your hair will help create smooth, shiny hair, and spending a little more on a good, quality brush will definitely be worth it.

We’ve rounded up a few must-have brushes…

Type: Paddle brush

Use: As it is large and flat, this brush is best used for creating sleek, smooth hairstyles on longer lengths. Use when blow-drying or when you want to create the perfect pony. If you have thick hair, this brush will become your best friend. Try Denman Paddle brush, R149,95.

Type: Styling brush

Use: This is your every-day kind of brush. Gentle on hair, it can be used on mid-length to long hair. If you want to create volume at the roots, this brush will do the trick. But it’ll also add shine as you brush your hair. Try ghd Oval Styling brush, R320.

Type: Radial, round or vented brushes

Use: Available in a variety of sizes, bristles cover the entire head of the brush. Most of them are ceramic and have natural or nylon bristles, and are perfect for creating luscious curls and volume when blow-drying. Ceramic brushes help reduce static and heat damage. The size of the barrel you choose to use will depend on how tight you want your curls to be. Try ghd Ceramic Vented Radial brushes, available in four different sizes.

Type: Thermoceramic

Use: Yes, it’s a mouthful, but these brushes are designed to retain heat, making your hair easier to style. Thermoceramic brushes reduce heat damage by allowing air to flow freely through the ventilated area while the ceramic centre becomes warm, smoothing out the hair strands. Available in barrel/round brushes as well as straightening options, try Denman Thermoceramic Straightening brush, R99,95.

Type: Tail comb

Use: This little guy is great at performing many tasks. Best used for sectioning hair and creating defined partings, it also doubles as a comb you can brush through wet hair. Alternatively, if you’re creating an up-do, use this comb to tuck in bits and pieces of hair. Try ghd Tail Comb, R105.

Type: Detangling comb

Use: With a wide-toothed design these types of brushes gently detangle wet hair, preventing follicle breakage. Great to use in the shower to distribute your conditioner evenly, try Denman’s detangling comb, R49,95.

Type: Tangle teaser

Use: If you’ve got stubborn knots and tangles, then you definitely need one these babies. This simple design and easy-to-use tool, detangles knots in seconds without pulling the hair. You can use it on dry hair too, to add extra shine, and even on hair extensions, weaves and wigs. Try Tangle Teezer, R159 or the compact Tangle Teezer, R199 from

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  1. I am looking for the denman straightening brush please confirm if you have stock as I cannot find this particular brush any where

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