Bronzing up for summer

Bronzing up for summerFrom bronzers, mousses to sprays and powders, the variety is endless, but here are a few of our favourites both in salon and at retail stores that’ll help you get that sexy glow without the damage.

Start the process by exfoliating your skin well and moisturising especially the ankles, knees, feet and elbows. This ensures your skin is smooth and bump free. Smooth skin always shows off a great tan, fake or real and soft shimmering skin always looks great when taken care of.

For facial bronzing try Stila’s Sheer Tinted Moisturiser SPF20, R310. It’s a light weight moisturiser with a mild shimmer that gives your face a naturally tanned look with the added protection. It’s completely water soluble and comes off easily after a night or day out. It blends in easily with other products like blush, shadows and liners without streaking.

The Ruby Kisses All Over Bronzing Powder, R69.95, is a versatile bronzer for cheeks, eyes and everywhere else you’ll need a golden glow. It can be easily applied and looks great on your eyes when teamed with flash false eye lashes and lip gloss. This is one of those products that you’ll keep in your hand bag for touch ups as it’s compact and easy to use.

For the ladies looking to spend a little more on a fancy product, try Dior Auto Bronze Self Tan Crème. It’s a safe, natural-looking tan that gives you the same effect as an old school sun tan. It’s a soft tint that doesn’t leave the dreaded orange tinge and is well worth every penny.

For a professional yet affordable buy, try Revlon’s Photoready Bronzer. It’s a 4-in-1 buildable bronzer that goes on easily leaving a beachy glow on face and bust. It’s a mineral based product which focuses on light fusion so you get a glow without the unwanted shine. Excellent for day or night.


Use your gold eye shadow as a bronzer on your cheeks, try Woolworths Backed duo in Sunset.
Dust a light shimmer over the top of your shins to give your entire legs a tanned look. Make sure the shimmer is light in application as well as a shade lighter than your own skin.
Self-tan disaster? Use a lemon wedge to lighten any dark spots by rubbing it over the affected areas.
Want a fake, beach tan? Apply your tinted moisturiser and then apply a bronzer lightly into the hollows of your cheeks. Suck your cheeks in and gently dust the powder into the hollows. Rub a light shimmery eye shadow under your eyes between the top of the cheek bone and the corner of the lower lid and blend well. You’ll look like you’ve spent a day in the sun without the damage.

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Article written by: Adele Ross

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  1. One of the best self tanners i have ever used is Carribean Tan. It is such an incredible product and very reasonable. For R80 a bottle you can pick the shade that will best suit your skin tone and you have a choice between three different applications. A must have for any girls summer beauty routine.

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