How to: Stripes on nails

How to: Stripes on nailsOver the last few weeks we’ve posted nail art styles and trends. But if you’re not sure how to paint those perfect stripes, Nail Magazine explains how it’s done.

What is the best way to make stripes on nails?

The best way to make stripes on nails is with a liner brush. You can find a striper/liner brush at some beauty supply stores or even your local craft store. The brush will have long thin bristles, and when you get it wet with paint it comes to a very precise point and is no wider than a toothpick and about two to three centimetres long depending on what brand or style you buy.

As for actually making lines, it’s pretty simple but takes a steady hand. First, take the lid off the paint and swirl the brush around the inside of the bottle, coating all the bristles evenly and making them all stick together and come to a fine point. I’m right handed, so I always start from the left side of the nail and work to the right. The pressure you use will determine how thick the lines will be. If you need more paint, just dip the tip of the brush in the lid of the paint bottle.

Written by Jade Sewell, this article originally appeared on Nails Magazine.



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  1. I love DIY nail art! I find that if you’re in need, sticky tape is also a great line guide

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