Can tissue oil reduce pigmentation marks?

I am in my 20s and after on and off breakouts I have dark marks on my skin. I would like to reduce the appearance of these marks and try to achieve a clear complexion. I use tissue oil on scars on my body, is this oil okay to use on my face?


Dr Maureen Allem from Skin & Body Renewal responds:

“Thank you so much for your question. What you are experiencing as the dark marks on your skin, is commonly referred to as PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation). You need not panic, it is actually very common in patients who suffer with regular breakouts and it’s especially common in acne patients if they are not properly managed and briefed as to what they need to use on their skin. There are a few things that we would need to do for you:

1) We need to do a treatment to “lift” the marks that are already there (there are a few treatment options, depending on the severity of the marks on your skin). Very often we can achieve this with a simple course of peels for hyperpigmentation.

2) We need to ensure that you do not develop more marks. So you need to be using a good facial sunblock every day so that your spots or breakouts do not become hyperpigmentation when you are going about your day (this is where the problem starts). You also need to be on a good product that will prevent your skin from wanting to make more melanin in those spots, and that will encourage skin cell turn over to make sure that you don’t keep on getting these breakouts, that your skin tone remains even and that your skin’s cellular renewal remains at a constant rate.

Regarding your question on the tissue oil – this product I would really only recommend if you use it at night, in areas where you do not get sun exposure. If you use it on your face and go out during the day with this on your skin, you can actually make the dark marks worse, especially if you are not in the habit of wearing a facial sunblock everyday.”

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  1. Hi i am having a hyperpigmentation problem on my skin and i have used various products that are being recommend but my pigmentation doesn’t fade away properly,so i wanted to ask which is the best product can you recommend

  2. I have pigmentation on m face especially on my cheeks and tissue oil safe to also not currently using sunblock…

  3. I have a problem on my face,i have dark marks on my face don’t know is it pigmentation.

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