Clipinhair human hair extensions

I have very disappointing hair. Really, the three strands that I have don’t do a very good job of covering my scalp. Half a bottle of mousse and a quarter bottle of super-freeze-solid-type hairspray just about do the job. So I am always on the lookout for ways to get volume to my sad hair.

Enter Clipinhair.


Clipinhair has 100% Remy human hair extensions. Remy is considered to offer the best hair extensions available because of the quality of the hair and the craftsmanship. The hair comes from India and is completely natural, and incredibly soft. It can be washed – it is human hair after all – and dyed, if necessary. And the extensions won’t damage your hair in any way.

Melanie Burgers, who says that Clipinhair has become her life, came to put the extensions in my hair. Each set comes in 50cm lengths (that’s long) and consists of eight pieces in varying widths. I hate the feeling of any kind of heaviness in my hair and I was a touch sceptical about how comfortable they would be. But they really are very light and they clip in easily and invisibly – you can’t see any lumps where the clips go in. I was completely impressed by how comfortable and discreet they were.

The only time I experienced any discomfort was when Melanie put it into a ponytail for me; it felt way too heavy and I was aware that I was wearing extensions.
But loose, it was pretty dazzling!

This is what my associate, Zoe, has to say:
When Melanie Burgers from Clipinhair arrived at our offices with a long, thick ponytail, I was jealous of how gorgeous it looked! I have tried to grow my hair to get a ponytail that looked like hers for years, but it just doesn’t grow past a certain length. When I told her about it, she said she has the same problem – and then revealed that her lovely, thick pony was thanks to the hair extensions she was wearing. The clip-in-extensions are so natural and real looking that I thought it was Melanie’s own hair. She made me sit down, added about three sections of the extensions into my own hair, tied it all up and I had the ponytail I’d always wanted. As easy as that!

Clipinhair offers 48-hour delivery to anywhere in South Africa. A set of Clipinhair extensions will cost you R1250.00


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  1. This looks so easy, i have clipin extensions but have never used it. i’ll be sure to try it out now. Thanks

  2. Oh my! This is such an amazing product, way better that the other “permanent” extensions one gets!

  3. This is very big in asia long time ago.. And of course, wanting to achieve J-lo’ s big hair.. I have tried the extensions but its not so practical 1. So difficult to wash your hair; 2. Since i have a thin hair, the metal thing that connects the real hair to the extensions is difficult to hide no matter that they are in black in color.; 3. I had the embarassing experience walking in canal walk and saw my hair lying on the floor, then it happened again at my friends house.

    So i must say, that this CLIP IN extensions is actually the best option and more value for your money, since you can use it over and over . I’ll probably purchase this once i got some extra breads

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