Crazy celebrity nails

A great manicure is mandatory for those in the spotlight, but some stars just take it to a whole new level. We’ve chosen the wackiest of whacky celeb nails to prove it!

First up, we’ve got Rihanna, a star who never ceases to amaze us with her manic mani’s. Check out her yellow nails with tiny smiley faces:

rihanna smiley nails

Nothing like rocking a portrait of someone to express your admiration for them; Eve sports the image of Obama on her thumbnails.

eve obama nails
No guessing who she voted for…

Katy Perry does it again! Last time we saw her sporting a set of silver nails. Here she’s seen pulling off animal print!

katy perry leopard nails
Is that a Minx mani, Katy?

Solange Knowles gets creative with her less than patriotic printed tips. She’s got the Union Jack on her middle finger while the rest of her nails feature the Nordic flag.

solange flag nails
Wonder if the Queen would approve…

And last, but not least, we have Lady Gaga…

lady gaga nails judas
Get a load of the crazy sculpted nails she wore in her Judas video.

Want to get an interesting-looking mani yourself? Consider trying a bold, colourful nail wrap from Incoco or MInx.

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6 Responses

  1. Not a big fan of nail art, some of the art is subtle so one can wear to a corporate environment, but some people do go overboard in my opinion

  2. Katy perry’s nails look WILD… Nordic Flag looks good too… Creative Obama Nail art…awesome… You can do it…

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