The busy girl’s guide to grooming

The busy girl’s guide to grooming 1Raise your hand if you have more than ten minutes to do your make-up in the morning. If you do, well done you – and if you don’t, welcome to the club! And to be honest, you don’t really need more than 10 minutes to get your face ready. Just follow our five top cheats and you’re good to go.

Cheat one: use a mineral make-up on your skin

Choose a mineral type of foundation for a covered yet natural finish (this means you can skip powder too). This type of base is great for all skin types but a winner if you suffer from acne or have sensitive skin. Apply with a large-sized powder brush and ‘buff’ into your skin till it’s blended.

Cheat two: tweeze stray brow hairs

Bushy brows not only look unkempt but they don’t really do a proper job of framing your face – and that’s your brow’s number one mission (well, from a beauty perspective). Have your brows professionally shaped (waxing or threading are popular choices) if you’re a first timer and then tweeze away stray hairs on a weekly basis. And if you’re a smart groomer, you’ll do this on weekends, so Monday to Friday there’s no labour needed.

Cheat three: just use mascara on your eyes

If your time is very tight, then forget a complex eye make-up look and simply swipe on two coats of mascara. Leaving your eyes mascara-free means your eyes have no frame and your look isn’t complete, says make up artist Gina Myers for Elizabeth Arden. Tip: if the weather is very warm, blot down moist eyelids with a neutral-coloured shadow (the same colour as your skin tone), pressing the powder into your skin for a long-wear effect.

Cheat four: use your lippy on your cheeks

Your lipstick can totally double as a creamy textured blush – just make sure you’re using a hydrating formula and nothing with too much sheen or shimmer. To apply, dab a clean finger onto the lipstick and then smile. Where the apples of your cheeks pop out at you (in other, words the ‘fat’ part) blend on the colour, sweeping it up towards your temples. Colour-wise, peachy-pinks work great on paler skin tones, while plums and reds rock on dark skins.

Cheat five: stain your lips

A stained look is much quicker to achieve than a fully made up mouth. Simply use a clean finger to dab colour onto your pout directly from the lipstick tube. Pat into your lips so that the colour looks washed rather than opaque. Apply as you need to during the day. If you feel your lips need extra moisture, then slick on a little balm after applying your colour (be warned: balm might make your colour slip – so stay clear if you’d like a long-wear look).

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  1. No excuse now for not looking good or groomed even for the busiest mom like me.????????

  2. Tweeze those stray brown just after a hot shower or bath, the steam in the room seems to help open your pores and it is a lot easier and less painful!

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