Dehydrated, dull skin? It’s time you try Lamelle’s signature Lacti-firm peel

Dehydrated, dull skin? It’s time you try Lamelle’s signature Lacti-firm peel 1

A beautiful complexion is the result of so much more than just using the correct skincare products. Yes, your home regime plays a critical role, but so does your diet, your lifestyle and how regularly you go for professional treatments. Monthly or bi-monthly professional skin treatments form an important part of a healthy and balanced skincare regime and can mean the difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’ skin.

Chemical peels are a fantastic option for anyone who wants clearer, brighter, more hydrated and more youthful-looking skin. When we think ‘chemical peels’, one of the first brands that come to mind is Lamelle.

Lamelle is one of the leading professional skincare brands in SA. While they’re known for their impressive skincare products that offer high-performance solutions for all skin types and concerns, they also offer an extensive array of chemical peels, designed to improve everything from pigmentation, to dehydration and dullness.

Our editor recently experienced Lamelle’s signature Lacti-firm peel at Scinmed in Cape Town. Here’s what went down.

“Earlier this month I visited Scinmed, a luxurious cosmetic centre in Wembley Square, Cape Town, for a professional Lamelle treatment. I’m no stranger to Lamelle skin peels: in the lead-up to my wedding a few years ago, I religiously went for one every four weeks, and that, along with a tailored Lamelle skincare regime at home, resulted in the best skin I ever had.

Needless to say I was excited to experience a Lamelle peel again, and I can honestly say that the treatment I received at Scinmed was unrivalled. My therapist, Jana, made the experience so enjoyable: she was knowledgeable, she took the time to talk to me about my skin and my concerns, she chatted me through the process and she gave me some fantastic tips and advice.

After a quick chat and a good look at my skin, Jana decided to perform the Lamelle signature Lacti-firm 30/10 peel. This peel was designed for plumper, hydrated and brighter skin and is a first choice as an introduction to chemical peels. It promises improved texture, reversal of dull skin, hydrated and plump skin and improved product penetration. It offers light chemical exfoliation and does not have any downtime.

Dehydrated, dull skin? It’s time you try Lamelle’s signature Lacti-firm peel 2

It was the perfect choice for me because it’s been a while since I had my last chemical peel (we didn’t want to go with anything too harsh), and my skin concerns are mostly linked to dehydration, and breakouts as a result thereof.

The peel itself was lovely – there was absolutely no discomfort and I thoroughly enjoyed each step of the process. In fact, I found some parts so relaxing that I almost fell asleep (I blame Jana for the amazing massage mid-way!).

I was told that the peel would give my skin an all-over glow and it did not disappoint: when I left the clinic I was a tiny bit pink, but not long afterwards the flushed look was gone and I had a radiant glow I hadn’t experienced for some time. What I enjoyed more than anything, was how soft and smooth my skin felt afterwards. While I saw results even after just one treatment, I know from experience that the best results come from having regular treatments, and I can totally see how going for this peel once a month can make a major difference to the skin’s health.

Since my treatment, I have been using a full Lamelle skincare regime at home, and after three weeks I can already see a noticeable difference in my skin. Keep an eye out for more details on my regime, along with a couple of reviews, coming soon.

The beauty of Lamelle’s peels is that there is a solution for every skin type and concern. Your therapist will do an evaluation of your skin before deciding which peel is best for you, so you never have to worry that the treatment will be too harsh or too mild for your unique concerns.

If you’re interested in experiencing a Lamelle peel, I highly recommend the team at Scinmed. They made me feel right at home while offering a fantastic professional service (plus they’re super friendly which is always a bonus!).”

Good to know

Lamelle’s Lacti-firm peel makes use of lactic acid and an alpha-hydroxy acid (fruit acid) derived from milk. With the Lacti-firm peel, the acid is combined with a plumping ingredient – DMAE. It’s a very comfortable, skin-firming and revitalising treatment with little if any, social downtime, depending on the concentration used. The two concentrations on offer are Lacti-firm 30/10 and Lacti-firm 90/10. Although both concentrations are applied in the same way, the stronger 90/10 concentration is only used in medical units under the supervision of a medical doctor.

To book your Lamelle treatment at Scinmed, contact them on 021 465 6557, or complete the online form on their website here.

Joburg readers, don’t despair – Scinmed also has a clinic in Hyde Park (give them a call on 010 350 0800).

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