Introducing the new must-have skincare product for spring: NUXE Crème fraîche de beauté 3-en-1

Introducing the new must-have skincare product for spring: NUXE Crème fraîche de beauté 3-en-1 1

What if we told you that we’ve discovered a new multi-tasking product that works as a moisturiser, makeup remover and mask, in one? Introducing NUXE Crème fraîche de beauté 3-en-1, a versatile and high-performance skincare product that’s going to transform your spring skincare regime.

NUXE is known for pioneering ultra-sensorial natural-origin skincare, and in 1999, they launched Crème fraiche, an innovative range featuring delectably rich formulas based on botanical milks. The range quickly became a favourite among beauty experts and enthusiasts and has since gained cult status.

Twenty years later, Crème fraîche de beauté continues to reinvent itself to attract a new generation of men and women, while remaining true to its fundamental values: taking a natural approach to design clean formulas with even more delectable textures.

What if you could encapsulate your beauty routine in a single tube? NUXE Crème fraîche de beauté 3-en-1 makes this dream a reality. This irresistible, multi-purpose moisturising product is formulated with 98% natural-origin ingredients. It contains a precise blend of Botanical Milk, Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter in secret proportions: an innovative formula that allows three different uses depending on the quantity of product used and the application method.

Its silky texture moisturises the skin every day, gently removes make-up and, when used as a mask, intensely plumps the skin.

How to use NUXE Crème fraîche de beauté 3-en-1:

Introducing the new must-have skincare product for spring: NUXE Crème fraîche de beauté 3-en-1 2

48H moisturising cream
Apply a small drop to moisturise your face in the morning and evening. It is suitable for delicate areas of the face and the eye contour area.

Make-up remover milk
Apply two generous drops using a cleansing pad or your fingertip. When massaged into the skin, the oily phase captures and removes makeup and impurities. Rinse with water or wipe off with a damp reusable cleansing pad.

Plumping mask
Apply in a thick layer once or twice a week to the face and eye contour area. Leave on for 5 minutes and then remove the excess product with a reusable cleansing pad.

It is safe (and effective) when used on the eye contour. The scent has been specifically formulated to respect the delicate eye contour area while delivering a maximum dosage of hydration.

Beneficial ingredients

Botanical Milk traps and captures water molecules on the skin’s surface for an immediate moisturising effect with no greasy finish.

Obtained by cold-pressing almonds, a completely green process, Sweet Almond Oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamins. It helps to retain water at the heart of the skin for lasting moisturising.

NUXE research has selected a 100% botanical extract of Red Seaweed, obtained using a green process with no chemical solvents or waste emissions. Thanks to its high molecular weight structure, the Red Seaweed extract has moisturising properties at least equivalent to Hyaluronic Acid: it captures and retains water molecules, forming a moisturising film on the surface of the epidermis. It also acts as a “hyaluronic booster” by increasing synthesis of epidermal hyaluronic acid by +211%, thereby helping to revitalise the skin’s natural moisturising mechanisms.

Introducing the new must-have skincare product for spring: NUXE Crème fraîche de beauté 3-en-1 3

A clean formula

This vegan formula boosts skin hydration for 48 hours and is developed according to NUXE’s clean beauty charter. It respects the skin’s natural balance, leaving it radiantly fresh and full of vitality. The texture is a delight for the skin: multi-faceted milky pleasure, from the richest butter to the lightest cream. This truly delectable sensory experience is enhanced by the iconic Orange Blossom scent of Crème fraîche de beauté.

Protective of the microbiome

The skin microbiome refers to all microorganisms naturally present on the surface of the skin and the environment in which they grow. These “good” bacteria act as a protective barrier for the skin by physically preventing the proliferation of “bad” bacteria and strengthening natural defences. It is essential to protect this invisible ecosystem to keep skin healthy.

NUXE has carried out a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the microorganisms present on the skin’s surface (skin microbiome), before and after using Crème fraîche de beauté products for 28 days. The products respect the skin microbiome and do not alter the skin’s natural balance.

The perfect solution for spring

While NUXE Crème fraîche de beauté 3-en-1 is suitable for all-year moisturisation, we believe it’s the perfect product to try this spring. Not only is its fresh floral scent reminiscent of warmer days, but it’s a great option for those who like to move over to a simpler, more minimal skincare regime after winter. Plus, its multi-purpose functionality makes it the perfect product to take along on weekends away.

NUXE Crème fraîche de beauté 3-en-1 (100ml) retails for R560.00 and is available at select Woolworths, Truworths & Foschini stores and online here.

This post was sponsored by NUXE.


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