DIY de-fuzzing

DIY de-fuzzingA regular visit to the salon for a trim just isn’t practical. What happens when your go-to therapist is booked solid and you need to get into your bikini and onto the beach ASAP? Not to mention the fact that it can get a little (lot) costly! Why not save some precious time and pennies with some DIY? Here are some quick and affordable options for getting rid of unwanted hair in the comfort of your own home.


Shaving means cutting your hair off at the surface of the skin. All you need is some warm, soapy water or shaving cream to create lather over the area to be shaved, a sharp razor with at least three blades (toss it after five to 10 shaves) and you’re good to go. Shave using light, gentle strokes against hair growth and rinse frequently. This is the quickest option but because it only gets rid of hair from the base, if your hair is darker than your skin colour, subsurface hair may be noticeable. It’s also the least painful (unless you cut yourself of course). If you use this method of hair removal, stick to shaving your legs and underarms only. Men, your face will suffice (unless you’re a serious sportsman, in which case you’re excused to shave your legs too – depending on the sport) and go for a shaving gel like Nivea for men sensitive shaving gel, R69,95. Finish off with Sorbet Man Post Shave Balm, R69,95.


When you wax, you pull your hair out from the root by applying the sticky stuff to the surface of your skin and peeling it (the wax and the hairs together) off in the opposite direction to that of your hair growth. Your kit would include either strip wax, like ready-to-use wax strips for your bikini, legs and underarm like Nair Argan Oil Bikini & Underarm Sensitive Glide-On, R89.95, or hot wax that you can heat up in your microwave when needed. We recommend Mandy’s Fabulous Film Wax, R106.99. Waxing is messy but some packs include wipes for removing any excess wax and soothing sensitive skin, or you could use Johnson’s Baby Oil, R32.95. Although waxing takes more time than shaving, it saves time in the long run because your fluff should only grow back after two weeks. But there is the eina factor to consider!


Like waxing, epilators also remove hair from the roots, except instead of using wax to do so, these electrical appliances have mini tweezers on a roller that revolves at a high speed along the surface of your skin, trapping your hairs and pulling them out. Some are battery-operated and can be used dry or in the bath or shower, like the Philips SatinSoft Wet and Dry Epilator, R749.99. If you can’t decide between shaving and using an epilator, the Body Duo 2-in-1 Shaver and Epilator from Veet, R699, is for you. Although epilation isn’t as messy as waxing, it’s more painful and could cause ingrown hairs, so it’s best used to remove regrowth or to touch up after a wax.

Hair removal creams

Hair removal creams aka chemical depilatories are either rubbed or sprayed onto your skin to dissolve your hair’s protein structure, loosening your hair from the follicle and making it weak enough to be rubbed and washed off. Lotions, gels, roll-ons and aerosols are also available. Your hair is removed from just below the surface of your skin, so you won’t feel stubble as soon as after a shave. Be sure to conduct a patch test and follow the instructions carefully. We recommend Sensitive Skin Hair Removal Cream from Veet, R32.99.



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  1. I have a Braun epilator that i’ve used for 5 years. It is awesome. No more worries, atleast for a good few weeks. I can deal with the pain for the time and effort it takes to shave regularly. I would love to try the laser removal though. Just need to save first.

  2. Epilators are the way to go! Like RoseAngel I also decided to go through the pain and do my bikini also, and I am so glad I did! First hair-removal method that I am happy with (previously tried shaving, waxing, creams etc)

  3. I prefer waxing to shaving but I hate the ingrown that I sometimes get. I personally hate hair and even though waxing is time consuming it takes a long time for the hair to grow bath. It’s a good idea to apply fino balm on the waxed area to prevent ingrown hair.

  4. Been shaving my under arms and bikini area since I was a tween, and because of it, the hair has become thick and hardy! I hate it cos I have to shave every second day. Recently bought the veet duo epilator for use on my legs (I have only ever used hair removal creams on my legs so the hair there is very thin and doesn’t even grow at the back) it’s great cos I use the epilator and my hubby uses the razor side for his face so good value for money! I was very brave today and decided to use the epilator side on my bikini area OUCH!!!!! I went slowly and got the whole area done and DAMN am I glad I did! I have not felt thi area so smooth since before I started shaving. I am hoping that it will grow thinner and will do it again in a few days as it grows back so that it won’t be so thick again and hopefully it won’t be as painfull. There were a few places where there were like four if five hairs growing out the exact same spot and those bled a little so I’m happy I could rinse the epilator side with water. Tried to do my underarm area also but found that to be too painfull so will try again after using Emla, a anesthetic cream I use for my daughters when they have to get shots and if it still too painfull will brave up and give waxing a shot. I am tired of thick dark fugly under arm and bikini area hair so one way or the other it’s going, and so is the shaving. Wonder if those creams that I saw the other day that supposedly help to decrease hair growth actually work? Has anyone tried them? Let me know………

  5. I epilate and it really works. Have minimal hair and if you just do touch ups once a week or every 2 weeks you’re good to go for at least 3 weeks. Do however get a few ingrown hairs.

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