Dying to differ

Dying to differYou may have heard of fancy hair words such as dip-dye, ombre, balayage and even flamboyage. These are the names given to different hair colouring techniques that are currently hot on the hair scene right now.

BeautySA caught up with David Gilson, celebrity hair stylist and guru from Carlton Hair International, to find out about the one technique that stood out for us the most – flamboyage.

Flamboyage is a revolutionary colour service, which demands creativity and technical skill, says Gilson. It was created by Angelo Seminara especially for Davines, a salon-exclusive hair care range.


The Davines Flamboyage colour service enhances your natural reflects. Stylists spontaneously blend bright and saturated tones with natural base colour using the Davines Flamoboyage Meche strips.

‘These adhesive strips provide precise colouring, and at the same time allow you to be creative,’ says Gilson. These strips select and isolate small random amounts of hair that now adhere to this ‘sticker’ and become a new working surface where the colour is then applied. ‘As these strips are transparent, it allows us to keep an eye on the development of the colour,’ Gilson adds.


If you feel like spicing up your hair, this is a great way to do it. It offers a sun kissed look, leaves your hair looking natural, and the plus side is that it leaves no visible regrowth.

Available at all Carlton Hair International salons nationwide.

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30 Responses

  1. Interesting concept, would be nice to try and I like that it’s low maintenance

  2. With this one can decide how many highlights which I prefer, I tend to get over-highlighted hair at salons.

  3. I think it’s a great change from your traditional highlights. Something a little different and the colour change gives a flat colour a bit of life.

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