Eco Diva launches new superfood makeup cover balms

Eco Diva launches new superfood makeup cover balms 1

The natural skincare market in South Africa has grown astronomically, but those embarking on a green beauty journey can attest to the fact that there aren’t a lot of natural makeup options.

Enter the new Eco Diva Superfood Make-Up Set, a 100% natural functional makeup foundation kit that covers, protects and repairs. Unlike anything else we’ve seen before, this superfood makeup kit is just what you need for silky-smooth, even-toned, glowing skin – and the formula is clean, vegan and toxin-free.

The kit consists of four base colours: Maca, Baobab, Chia and Cacao are named after the superfoods that lead the healing charge in each colour balm. And that’s one the of things that make this product so special – the foundations are packed with superfoods, vitamins and antioxidants that nourish and hydrate your skin while covering imperfections and giving you a more even tone and radiant glow.

The four base colours can be blended together (using the gorgeous bamboo painter’s palette included in the kit) to create the perfect shade for every skin colour. That means you can mix shades to match your every-changing skin tone (because most of us get a tan in summer and have lighter skin in winter).

But there’s more to these shades than foundation – on lighter skin tones, the darker shades can be used as bronzer, eyeshadow or for contouring, and on darker skin tones, the lighter shades can be used for highlighting. That means you’ll use all four shades in the kit, regardless of your skin colour!

Eco Diva launches new superfood makeup cover balms 2

“What my team and I are loving about our new superfood makeup, is that because it looks like you aren’t even wearing make-up, our male customers are enjoying the fact that they can cover up blemishes and look flawless and no one knows,” says Nicole Sherwin, the creator and inspiration behind Eco Diva Natural.

“Our customers have been so thrilled with the results our superfood functional skincare is offering, that the next natural progression was functional makeup. Rather than being counter-intuitive with people wearing non-natural makeup (that will continually mess with your skin pH), instead, continues to heal their skin as the next layer and barrier protector. It’s like skincare layering that keeps on giving.” Nicole says.

Our editor gave the kit a try and was impressed by the results:

“There really aren’t a lot of natural makeup options on the market, which is a challenge for consumers who have decided to embark on a cleaner or natural beauty regime. I attended the media launch for this kit and was really impressed to see how easily Nicole (the Eco Diva founder) mixed her foundation shade. I was impressed by how natural yet flawless her skin looked, and by the fact that she used the palette to create a full makeup look. She mixed the two lighter shades and applied as foundation, and then used the two darker shades for contouring and eyeshadow. The overall result was stunning, so I decided to give it a try myself.

I have a very fair skin tone and I must admit that I was a little doubtful when I looked at the lightest shade in the kit, thinking it would be too dark for me. I was so happy to be proven wrong! I applied Maca all over my face – it blends seamlessly and leaves my skin with light cover and a warm glow. I used Chia as blush and Cacao as eyeshadow and both looked great on my skin tone.

I love the texture of the product. The formula melts into my skin and blends with ease. I applied very little as I wanted a light ‘veil’ of cover over my natural skin, but you can build the product if you prefer more cover. I love that it contains sun protection and that it’s 100% natural. Plus, you can even use it if you are prone to sensitivity, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and acne. It really is the first of its kind here in SA and it’s exciting to see innovation in the natural makeup category.” – Anien, Editor

Eco Diva launches new superfood makeup cover balms 3

The Eco Diva Superfood Make-Up set includes:

4 x Base colours:

 – Maca: Nordic skin tone / creamed honey / highlighting

 – Baobab: Mediterranean skin tone / warm beige / lightening

 – Chia: Indian Ocean skin tone / sun-kissed tan / shadowing

 – Cacao: African skin tone / rich brown / contouring

1 x Washable bamboo artist palette

2 x Wooden artist scraper tools

1 x Shading & highlighting tutorial

This product is:
Made in South Africa
100% natural

Shop Eco Diva Superfood Make-Up Set here.


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