The facial massage that will transform your nightime routine

Facial massage will transform your skinFacial massage

It might be new to the West, but the art of facial massage has been around in China and Korea for centuries. Varying in technique and length (and degrees of pain tbh), these practices have been used to stimulate the skin’s lymphatic system, as ways to make your face glow,  and even method of restructuring the face without surgery. But that’s a story for another time.

We’re interested in what subtle facial movements can do for our toiletry bag. We want our products to work in their prime, making it easier for them to evoke brilliant results. Here’s your new facial massage routine, best done at night when skin will do most of its cell regeneration.

1.After cleansing and toning, scoop out a generous amount of moisturiser. 2. Gently cover your face with moisturiser. 3. Ball your hands into fists, then move your index finger knuckle on each hand from the areas on the sides of your mouth, upwards until you reach the cheekbones. Do this for ten seconds. See below if you’re confused.


4. Next you want to lightly tap your fingertips above your brow bone, and then below your eyes, both for ten seconds. 5. Then, make a peace sign with your fingers and draw them from your nose to your ears, across your cheeks. Do this five times on each side, or ten if if you’re not in a hurry. 6. Knuckle your index and middle fingers, and drag them across your lower jaw and up to your cheekbones. 7. Lastly, starting from the bottom of where your laugh lines begin, move upwards until you reach either side of your nose. Nice one!

Sounds too complicated? Stick with a simple circular massage motion across your whole face, or follow along with this video on the world-famous Gankin massage that’ll have your skin looking like a trillion bucks.

If you’re as keen as we are on getting your routine perfect, read more on getting the most benefit from your prods here.

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6 Responses

  1. This is truly phenomenal and i cant wait to start to see the results fantastic read

  2. I actually want to go home now and do this massage! I really hope this helps clear my sinus and improves my skin’s texture. Thank you so much for this article & video.

  3. wow. I tried this and it really feels amazing. It also helps to drain the sinus areas therby reducing that puffy feeling you have when your sinuses are blocked. You can see the colour return to your face. really does help with getting the blood flowing. PLEASE GIVE IT A TRY.

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