Fix your too-light foundation buy

Fix your too light foundationJust because you’ve bought a foundation that’s too light for your skin tone, doesn’t mean you have to chuck that expensive new purchase. Bella Sugar shares their tips on how to make the most with what you’ve got.

In the make-up world, there are few things worse than discovering you’ve purchased a too-light foundation shade. (Cullen family, anyone?) But before you send it to the junkyard or head back for a refund, make your mismatched make-up work for you. Here’s how:

Use it as a highlighter

For a non-shimmery take on a highlighter, apply your light-toned foundation to the middle of the nose to elongate, on the upper cheeks to add brightness, or on the top of the Cupid’s bow to lend definition. On the eyes, use it on the inner corners and under the eyebrows for an instant lift.

Rev it up

Intensify a too-light shade by mixing in a bit of bronzer (whether it’s gel or powder). Or, if you’re feeling artistic, blend it with a darker shade of foundation for a completely customized palette.

Save it for another season

Skin can lighten and darken depending on season, so use that to your advantage. When well-blended, a lighter foundation shade in the winter might just match your complexion perfectly. Still off? Apply it with a wet sponge to blur its paleness.

Recognize the power of powder

If the shade is only slightly too light, then still wear it as normal, but consider layering a darker powder on top. Or just add a bit of bronzer as a finishing step, targeting the cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin.

Originally written by Jaime Richards, this article appeared in BellaSugar []

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35 Responses

  1. I want to try out contour makeup but am unsure what products to use. Previously I used Estee Lauder’s rich ginger, but I don’t know what to use for contour and highlighting. Please assist me, because I love to try out contouring makeup, please. Something flawless as a contour makeup.

  2. I once bought a powder that was darker than my skin as I was deceived by the store lights and sales person. I wasn’t happy but I’ve now learned to go outside and check out the make-up in natural light before buying.

  3. Great article!!! I curse the intense in-store lighting for such mishaps. Ok now what about if the shade you bought is 2 shades darker… any suggestions????

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