Four hairstyles to make you look younger

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell that a person’s haircut is making them look older than they are. That is until they change it, of course. Though there are many make-up tricks, clothing and accessory choices to help you get a more youthful appearance, a flattering hairstyle is by far the best way to knock off a few years. Here, four youth-prolonging hairstyles we recommend:


Beach waves
This one is more psychological than technical, but it’s thought that women with beach waves (no matter how long or short) have the appearance of being carefree, spontaneous and fun-loving. It has a slight messy effect which goes against the assumption that older women wear their hair neat, tidy and stiff (thanks to mounds of hairspray).


Classic bob / long bob
A bob worn just below the chin or touching the shoulders works on women of any age, but has been called an “instant facelift” on maturing women. The theory is that one’s eye is drawn vertically from the woman’s chin, down to the nape of her neck (where the bob ends). This angle is very flattering and lifts the cheekbones as well as the jaw (which is great for sagging skin).


A soft fringe
The most obvious anti-ageing benefit of a fringe is that it hides wrinkles on the forehead. A side-swept fringe, however, draws attention away from your forehead, and emphasises your cheekbones. This in turn makes the face look wider and fuller, which creates a youthful appearance.


Go short
A lot of women feel that a shorter hairstyle will age them, and so they hang onto their long hair for as long as they can. What they don’t realise is that this can actually have the opposite effect. Short hair (on any face) is young, fresh and playful, while long hair on an ageing face can have the effect of dragging the face down and thereby exaggerate sagging of the skin. But don’t think you need to lose it all – any style above the shoulder will help you look a bit more youthful.






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