Fragrance dos and dont’s

Fragrance dos and dont's 1
Every woman has her own way of applying perfume. Some spritz, some dab, some spray a cloud to walk through allowing it to settle where it will.

It turns out, you need to factor in the influence of the seasons, sunscreen, as well as perspiration and its effect on the longevity of a scent, not to mention the possibility of pigmentation and skin staining. Here’s our guide to wearing your favourite fragrance perfectly every time!

Winter scent-spiration

‘Heavy scents are strictly for winter,’ says Gabrielle Kidwell, freelance make-up artist. ‘Warmer air blends better with floral and natural scents.’ Go for spicy orientals, vanillas and fragrances that are sweet and sugary. If you have a firm favourite, keep a look out for a lighter version, which cosmetic houses often launch in time for summer. They are fresher but maintain the same signature as the original.

Summertime fine…

‘Avoid wearing fragrance on your chest and arms because they are exposed to the sun,’ says Gabrielle. ‘The alcohol reacts with the UV rays and can cause pigmentation.’ Her advice is to avoid applying to the neck in summer and never wear perfume on broken or damaged skin, particularly over a rash, chafed area or sun burn. The chemicals will cause more damage.

Many experts say that if you are heading out specifically to tan, rather avoid fragrance altogether. Cover yourself in a suitable sun protection factor and keep the perfume for sundowners afterwards.

When to apply your perfume

We all know getting ready in the morning is slightly less glamorous than prancing around in a robe with hair curlers in your hair and a bright red lip, then spritzing on some French perfume like they do in the movies. They have to right idea though. You may want to spray on your perfume before you get dressed, as opposed to spraying on as you’re about to head out. This allows it to react with your skin (it’s actually wasted on your clothes because perfume reacts with your body and spots that emit heat). Applying your favourite perfume as soon as you jump out the shower is best, as this will ensure your pores are open and ready to soak up that delicious scent. This will allow the scent to soak into your clothes as well.

Where to wear your perfume

* Apply on your pulse-points such as in the neck, collarbone, wrists and cleavage
* Try spraying perfume on the back of your calves – behind the knees because you’ll sweat there while you’re sitting at your desk
* Perfume on the calves will slowly rise throughout the day and hit the noses of fellow colleagues from a slight and intriguing distance.
* Your hair is another good spot. Some experts say don’t, especially if you wear a lot of product in it, but we’re not talking about covering your head (that will dry out the hair). Just a dab at the back of your neck at the hairline will allow the hair to pick up the scent and diffuse it every time you move your head.

Make your scent linger longer

The more you sweat the quicker your fragrance evaporates, so the key to getting the most out of your fragrance is to apply lightly but more often. Especially during summer, because the heat and sweat reacts and makes a fragrance more intense. So avoid giving everyone around you and yourself a raging headache by keeping it in your bag for a quick spritz every few hours.

‘To ensure it lasts during the day and to save yourself money in the long run, purchase the body lotion of shower cream in the same range,’ says Gabrielle. ‘That way you have layers of scent that don’t fade.’




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  1. The information in this article is really refreshing, some points in here I haven’t even thought about. Like spraying after you shower and not just before you head out. And spraying at the back of your neck. Great tips!

  2. I wonder if the same applies to the perfume body spray that is available in the cans or just EDTs?

  3. I always put my perfume on pulse points, it really does work to make me smell good all day long.

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