Get fuller, longer-looking lashes…

Want longer, more voluminous-looking Kardashian-style lashes? Take a look at Divaderme LASHExtender Lashes in a bottle, R299.

divaderm lashextender
Divaderme LASHExtender

Each bottle contains a thousands of tiny natural lash fibres enriched with panthenol, vitamin E and herbal extracts.

bottle of divaderme
Teeny tiny, right?

Simply brush them onto your own lashes between coats of mascara to create a lusher, longer look!

Using Divaderme is an easy three-step process.

1. To begin, brush on a coat of your favourite mascara. The best type to use is one that isn’t old or dry; you want your lashes to be sleek and a little wet so the fibres will have something to stick to.

eye before
My lashes with just a lick of mascara

2. Next open Divaderme LASHExtender and tap it a few times to remove excess product. Then, using an outward, rolling motion, apply LASHExtender to your lashes so that the fibres can add to their volume and stick to the tips of each one to create a little more length. If some of the lashes fall onto your cheeks, wipe them away with a sweep of the little brush that comes included with the LASHExtender.

3. To finish up, seal your hot new look with another coat of your own mascara and voila; you’ve got seriously sexy-looking lashes.

eye after
After using Divaderme LASHExtender. Love it?

Aside from being all too easy to apply, there are other reasons to love Divaderme LASHExtender. For one, it can be removed as quick as a flash with any make-up remover. It’s also safe for contact lens wearers, isn’t tested on animals and won’t break the bank like eyelash extensions.

To get your hands on Divaderme LASHExtender or to find out more about Divaderme products, visit You can shop online or locate your nearest stockist.


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  1. I dont see any difference length wise.. But it does appear thicker and natural at the same time.. Nice..

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