Get #LifeProof hair with Inoar!

Get #LifeProof hair with Inoar! 1

We can all agree that this year has taken its toll on many aspects of our lives. Has your hair been taking strain too? Are you experiencing increased hair fall, an itchy scalp? It is not just in your head!

Research has shown that prolonged periods of stress can lead to chemical and physical changes in your hair’s colour, texture, and body as well as changes to your scalp. ⁠⠀⁠⠀

MEET YOUR HAIR’S NEW SAVIOURS! Introducing our new Résistance range – with Bamboo Fibre and Lotus Flower!

GREEN – Résistance with Bamboo Fibre
The Bamboo plant has always been used for various functions in the East, from food to building material, and in recent years, another great benefit of bamboo has been discovered: it can be a great ally for your beauty routine, making your hair strong, bright, soft & promoting hair growth. ⁠⁠

The innovative new Résistance with Bamboo Fibre range from Inoar combines high-protein (keratin), selenium-rich Bamboo Fibre to repair weak hair & strengthen the hair fibres; with Biotin, a vitamin that stimulates hair growth and treats the strands from the inside out.

This potent combination of ingredients offers intense rejuvenating power, making your hair strong, bright, soft & promoting hair growth. ⁠Bamboo fibre, rich in amino acids, works on the porous, sensitized and brittle hair strands to replenish amino acids, an essential building block in healthy hair. Bamboo Fibre & Biotin furthermore also promotes water retention in the hair, ensuring hair’s hydration levels are improved, and ensures hair volume increases over time.⁠

PINK – Résistance with Lotus Flower
Known for its longevity and self-repair, the Lotus Flower is a plant of Asian origin which is packed with nutrients and minerals. Used for centuries for its benefits to mind and body, Inoar now harnesses the power of Lotus Flower for repair and condition of the hair. ⁠⁠

With added vegetable collagen the super-charged new Résistance Super Ampoule with Lotus Flower treatment and the nourishing Lotus Flower oil, rejuvenate the hair strands by repairing and sealing the cuticle and moisturizing the hair, making it softer and more supple. ⁠This powerful combination offers intense repair for healthier, and shinier hair, whilst also stimulating hair growth and improving scalp health and balance. ⁠Hair is left revitalized & regenerated – softer & healthier than ever! ⁠⁠

Get #LifeProof hair with Inoar! 2

Inoar Résistance range with Bamboo Fibre and Lotus Flower is recommended for all types of hair, especially for hair weakened by chemical processes such as lightening, colouring or straightening. ⁠

The ranges include: ⁠


Get #LifeProof hair, every day, with Inoar: Vegan, Cruelty-free professional hair care for all hair types. Beauty that aligns with YOUR values. ⁠ 

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This post was sponsored by Inoar.


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