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Extreme weather, excessive heat styling and chemical damage can all wreak havoc on hair. Usually, damage reflects in your hair’s cuticle first, causing it to ‘roughen’ up on a microscopic level. When this happens, because it’s not lying flat, it won’t reflect light, so it ends up losing its natural shine. Also, if your hair’s very dehydrated, its also likely to take on a dull appearance.

Repair the damage
To help restore your hair’s vitality, look out for products that contain protein or keratin and promise ‘deep repair’ to help repair the actual structure of your hair from the inside out. If your hair’s merely very dehydrated, opt for products containing moisturising ingredients like butters or oils. I like Marc Anthony’s Damage Repair Intensive Healing Treatment, available from Clicks for R89,99. It contains one of my favourite ingredients, Shea butter, and you can use it as a masque that you can leave on for 30 minutes.

marc anthony damage repair
Marc Anthony Damage Repair Intensive Healing treatment – I experienced long lasting, fabulous results with this product!

Care from the inside too
Make sure that you take a good daily essential fatty acid supplement, as this too can significantly prevent hair breakage and boost shine. Try flax seed, primrose or fish oils.

Prevention’s better than cure
To prevent your hair from being damaged further, try and avoid chemical treatments like straightening or highlights and go easy on the heat styling tools. If you do use them, opt for a lower setting and make use of a heat protection spray like ghd Style Heat Protect spray, R180, available from selected salons.

ghd Style Heat Protect spray

When all else fails, fake it!
If you’re desperate to fake a healthy-looking shine, look out for serums or finishing products that contain silicone, something like ghd Style Smooth and Finish serum, R180. You could also try my all time favourite beauty find for this season, Kerastase Elixir Ultime, R400, a powerful cocktail of beautifying oils that deliver incredible shine while smoothing the hair fibre.

kerastase elixer ultime
Kerastase Elixer Ultime – What I love about this product is that it also contains antioxidants to protect your hair from harsh environmental elements.

You can use it before blow drying to protect your hair from the heat or smooth it on afterwards to gloss up your locks. Follow these simply rules for shine and you’ll have glossy locks in no time flat.

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10 Responses

  1. Kerastase elixir it is. I have tried the other products already , definitely going to give this one a go.

  2. Got some really good home remedies for shiny, silky hair involving egg yolk and coconut oil, but did not have enough guts yet to put that on my hair haha

  3. These are all great products. I think i will start with the Marc Anthony damage repair first! After having highlights for about 2 months my hair is in great need of repair!

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