Go go goji berries!

Go go goji berries!It may sound bizarre, look bizarre and you may have never heard of it before, but after you’ve read its fact sheet you may be adding it to your next meal. Yes, it’s benefits are that uh-mazing.


What is it: A goji berry is also known as a wolfberry and is said to be the next fountain of youth.

Where it’s from: China

Where it’s grown: On an evergreen shrub

What it tastes and looks like: Goji berries are similar in appearance to a raisin, except they are orangey-red in colour. They have a sweet and sour taste and are soft and chewy.

How to eat it: Raw, cooked, dried or used in herbal teas and juices

A good source of: Beta-carotene, iron, calcium, protein and vitamins

Benefits: Goji berries have been said to help treat common health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and are good for the eyes. This is because they are high in antioxidants that help boost your immune system. Foods rich in antioxidants minimise damage from free radicals that harm our cells, which in turn damage our DNA. They are therefore said to slow down the ageing process as well.

Goji Berry Smoothie

Drink your way to good health with this yummy, easy to make smoothie.
• ¼ cup goji berries
• 2 cups of water
• 1 banana
• ½ cup of fresh or frozen berries (mixed pack is nice)
• drop of honey to sweeten (optional)

If you want to add an extra boost to your smoothie add:
• 1 serving of protein powder

Place all your ingredients into a blender or smoothie maker and mix until contents have been blended and you have reached your desired consistency.
Serve chilled.

Have you eaten goji berries before? Tell us what you think of the smoothie recipe.

Goji berries are available from health stores, pharmacies and leading retail outlets.

Image: Shutterstock.com

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  1. On the Go snack packs at Clicks now also have Recharge with Goji Berries available. Very tasty and a good alternative to unhealthy snacks. Also low GI which keeps one fuller for longer.

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