Got the running blues?

Got the running blues?Do you ever feel like your running days are going up and down? And we don’t mean hills. FitSugar tells us how to make sure the good running days out number the bad.

Some days I slip on my sports bra and sneaks and I feel so light and strong – like I could keep going and going. Other days it seems like my legs are trudging through mud. What gives? We can’t prevent bad running days entirely, but here are a few things you can do in order to have more good days than bad.

• Get enough sleep the night before. Hit the hay early enough so you get seven to nine hours of shut-eye.

• Make sure you’re hydrated. Not drinking the appropriate amount of water before and during your workout can lead to dizziness, headaches, decreased energy and performance, dry mouth, and cramps. A few hours before running, drink about 2 to 2½ glasses. Drink another glass 10 to 15 minutes before heading out.

• Eat before your run. Remember that food is fuel. If you’re not working out for five or so hours, enjoy a meal that contains protein, fat, and carbs. Several hours before a run, eat a meal that’s under 500 calories. Thirty to 90 minutes before you head out, enjoy a carb-loaded low-fat snack. If you’re working out first thing in the morning, fuel up with easily digestible carbs that are low in fiber. Getting too much fiber can cause major cramps during your run.

• Hit the ladies room. There’s no need to carry unnecessary weight with you, so if you can relieve yourself before your run, you’ll feel much lighter and will be less likely to experience bellyaches.

• Don’t skip the warm up. It can help prevent injuries and side stitches.

• Bring water along if it’s excessively hot or humid. You may be used to running without a water bottle, but if you’re losing a lot of fluid through sweat, you need to drink during your workout to prevent dizziness caused by dehydration. Sip periodically throughout your run since gulping a ton of liquid down can cause stomach pains.

• Sip sports drinks if you’re exercising intensely for 60 minutes or more. It will help replace added calories, sodium, potassium, and other electrolytes to keep you energized.

• Run in a new setting. If you’re used to hitting the treadmill, step outside. If you’re used to running in your neighborhood, head to the bike path. If you’re bored of running on the local high school track, hop on some woodsy trails. Variety energises your brain and challenges your muscles differently, so it’s win-win.

• Find a running buddy, or a few. I love running with my next-door neighbour because she’s faster than I am, so it keeps me on my toes. And I just started working out with a mommy friend, who introduced me to some new routes in my neighbourhood. Running with someone always puts me in a good mood, and since the time flies, I end up running longer than I would on my own.

• Ditch the tech gear. If you’re constantly obsessed about always tracking your speed and mileage, the stress of personal competition takes all the enjoyment out of running.

• Make sure your clothes are comfortable. You’ll easily become annoyed if you have to futz with your underwear or keep pulling up your socks, so wear something you know and trust.

• Try intervals. They not only help burn more calories and make you a faster runner, changing your pace keeps your brain engaged.

• Check the weather. Dressing too warmly or running into a rainstorm can turn a good running day into a bad one.

• Go shopping at iTunes. Spend a few bucks and buy some new upbeat songs to add to your favorite running mixes.

• If you have pain, get it checked out. Running through an injury is likely to make it worse.

• Take breaks. If you run most days of the week, and most days are bad, it’s a red flag to take a break. Keep in mind that in order to strengthen your muscles, you need to work them and then give them time to build up through recovery days.

Originally written by Jenny Sugar, this article appeared on FitSugar.


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  1. I am one of those people that can’t stand running. I find it difficult to be excited about going for a run and even tried running in forests to make it more interesting. I prefer dancing, pilates, kick boxing and boot camp type exercising – but I have to admit that I hardly do any exercise lately :P Winter is always a bad time for me.

  2. Interesting but I much prefer spinning! Running I have always found so boring regardless of the surroundings.

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