Have we found the answer to caring for curly hair?

Twisted Sista hair care

Curly hair is striking and beautiful, yet it can be incredibly difficult to manage! With frizz, knots and unruliness all wreaking havoc on your locks, it’s essential to find a good range of hair care products that nourish and maintain your curls. Could UK brand Twisted Sista have the answer to these problems?

We recently sent out a range of Twisted Sista hair care products for our Beauty Network members to review. Read all about what they said by following this link, or by clicking on the image below.

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Twisted Sista


Have you ever tried Twisted Sista products? What did you think?

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3 Responses

  1. I tend to agree, something is missing or maybe there isn’t enough of something in the Twisted Sista Range. I used it a while ago whilst my hair was sort of medium to neck length. I have a range of curls and don’t fully support the typing system although I see the logic in knowing ones curl pattern in order to better care for ones specific type of curl. I have 3a to 4c as well as some heat damage. I have used the curl defining cream and leave in conditioner…my hair felt the products were nice BUT not nice enough or long lasting especially with our dry, moisture zapping, SA weather. I will give them another ago and I’m glad that they came and feature on many Clicks shelves and maybe mix things up with some oils. Our trusses are indeed a chore but a chore well worth it (;

  2. I have tried this product for my hair type 4, but my hair was still dry. My hair need products that offers a lot of moisture and has softening oils. I have been experimenting with different oils and they are working much better. There is a new product that I just found which most youtubers rave about and I’m still amazed and so happy with it. Just yesterday I read a blog by a South African who was swearing by a new South African natural hair product and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I’m glad for those who have found a solution to our curly, coily hair with the perfect product…

  3. How do I just keep these trusses moisturised. They are such a chore and have a mind of its own. I mostly keep them tied up and when I untie them there is more of them and I have know idea what to do. I’m not brave enough to cut it because with two kids there isn’t time to be pretty or to keep it kept. Any advise?

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