Juicy Couture Gold Couture

Price: R865
Size: 100ml
Availability: Selected Truworths, Edgars & Red Square stores nationwide

What our Beauty Network Trial Team members say:

Viva La Juicy Gold Couture, wow where to start? My first impression on packaging was: GlamRock with a touch of cute.

One spray showers you with a generous helping of the fragrance, which is much better than other fragrances which leave you feeling a bit like Oliver Twist (Please Sir, can I have some more?).

The fragrance itself surprisingly did not exactly match my initial thoughts on the packaging. I was expecting a loud, out there scent.

Viva La Juicy Gold Couture starts off with sweet vanilla top notes, and settles on caramel with hints of sandalwood. As someone who usually prefers citrus/floral scents, this fragrance needed to grow on me as it was out of my “comfort zone”. I am however very pleased to announce that the softness and long lastingness of this fragrance has converted me. I have received quite a few compliments over the last few days and would definitely recommend this fragrance to anyone who is looking for something that is easy to wear – to work or out and about.

Thanks BSA and Juicy Couture!

PS: Also love that the bottle takes center stage on my dressing table!
– Rosemary

After opening the beautiful sealed, gold packaging with the pink VIVA LA JUICY writing, I took out an even more beautiful bottle. The bottle is a very solid gold bottle with the word ‘Couture’ in pink on the front, it has a black lacy bow with black polka dots on the neck and a clear lid which lifts off easily. The only downfall of the bottle for me is that I can’t see through it, so it’s hard to tell when your fragrance is running low.

When I first sprayed this fragrance I knew that I would love it. It smells divine. It is a very sweet, floral and warm fragrance. I love to wear it as my everyday perfume. I have had compliments on how good I smell. Although it is an Eau de Parfum I found that it only lasted about 4-5 hours. I love it because I love sweet, subtle fragrances and this one makes me feel glamorous. I would recommend it and will most definitely buy it in the future.
– Natali

I’ve always associated the Juicy brand to Paris Hilton (whom I’ve never been fond of) so Juicy wasn’t exactly on my shopping list for that reason.

When I received this fragrance, I made the conscious effort not to think about my slightly negative feelings towards the brand just because of a celebrity. The fragrance deserved unbiased treatment.

The box packaging of the bottle is fun, youthful and edgy. The bottle itself is a thick, chunky glass, which makes it appear quite expensive and luxurious. I also love the pop of pink on the front of the bottle; it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s definitely one of those perfume bottles that take center stage on your dressing table.

My first impression of the scent is that it’s quite sweet and heavy which overwhelmed me. I definitely pick up a toffee/caramel scent with a hint of vanilla which made me decide that this is a scent best suited to colder, wintery days. After a few hours, it tones itself down to a much more pleasant, powdery version of the vanilla and caramel, which I like. It was then that I received a compliment from a male colleague who said that I smell “delightful”, how kind!

I believe that Juicy Gold Couture is a youthful scent which is a category I fall in, but I prefer my perfumes to be less invasive on the nose which is a pity because I do like it, but only after ¾ hours of wear. If you like sweet fragrances that make you think of bakeries, toffee apples and fudge, then be sure to give Juicy Gold a try.
– Kate

I love the packaging – It is glamourous and the lace & diamond lid makes it all girly. The pink label adds a touch of fun and the whole package is youthful. It smells great and the fragrance last the whole day. I just found it a little bit too sweet because my usual taste is citrus based perfumes.

My colleagues certainly noticed that I changed my perfume and I received many compliments. Although it won’t be my first choice, I would buy it again and will recommend it to others.
– Faieza

I was very excited to be chosen to review this fragrance. I have actually been on a big search for a new perfume and wondered if this one could be the one I’ve been looking for. Unfortunately this was not the case.

Firstly I find the name of the product rather juvenile with a cheap ring to it (Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy). Honestly? It does not appeal to me as a sophisticated fragrance for a modern woman. BUT I was willing to put this aside and rate the product by the fragrance.

The packaging is nice enough, a shiny golden box with pink embossing. The bottle is again rather out-there, a big diamante cap with a black bow and golden lettering. I was still staying objective…

The truth to my review lies in the scent itself, because let’s be honest no-one really cares about the rest. The fragrance is sweet and musky and even a single spray was very pungent (it is an EDP after all). The initial burst of sweetness really lingers and I found myself feeling rather self-conscious about the potency of the perfume. It did not settle and was really over-powering.

Maybe the target market for this fragrance is much younger, or maybe I just prefer fresher more natural scents, but I do not identify with the scent at all. I will not be re-using this perfume unfortunately.
– Alae


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  1. I can’t agree with ALAE . The scent is overpowering but not overwhelming, and therefore we can be confident throughout the day. I love the name. It’s vivacious and reminds me of my youth. As you can tell, the packaging is lovely, and who doesn’t like to unwrap nice gifts? Clearly being objective was not the case.
    Thanks for your “opinion” but it really wasn’t very accurate.

  2. Interesting packaging. I’ll buy it to add it to my perfume collection :D I’m a wee bit curious about the smell, who knows, mabye the perfume would make me love it even more.

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