Have you tried Gabrielle Union’s Flawless hair care range?

Celebrity beauty brands are big business and the newest celeb beauty collection we’ve put to the test is Gabrielle Union’s Flawless hair care range.


Flawless was created by celebrity and natural hair activist, Gabrielle Union, along with long-time friend and celebrity hairstylist Larry Sims, whose successful career has included creating iconic looks for Hollywood’s elite while also educating the everyday woman about achieving her healthy hair goals. His extensive knowledge of textured hair and natural ingredients created the foundation for the collection, which includes products designed to restore, protect and enhance hair of diverse textures.

Known and loved by women for her transparency and relatability as a mother and wife who has triumphed over challenges, Gabrielle has also emerged as a leading advocate of diversity and inclusion in Hollywood and strives to promote the same values in South Africa through her haircare collection.


Empowering women of colour across the globe to unapologetically embrace the beauty and magic of their melanin, Gabrielle Union originally launched Flawless in the United States in 2017 while privately undergoing IVF therapy but suffered from severe hair loss – an unfortunate side effect of the treatment that countless women endure. During this time, this dynamic duo worked tirelessly to identify the best options for restoring her hair to health and leveraged moments from this experience as inspiration to relaunch the Flawless by Gabrielle Union collection with improved ingredients and more options.

“South Africa holds a special place in my heart,” states Hollywood actress and co-founder Gabrielle Union. “Its rich history, diverse people, beautiful land and culture made the decision easy to expand globally to South Africa.”

Have you tried Gabrielle Union's Flawless hair care range? 1

“I’m proud of this collection because we were intentional about crafting a line that is versatile enough to provide solutions for all style choices,” said Larry Sims. “From curls and waves to heat styles, braids, wigs and weaves, there is a Flawless product to support your hair’s need for brilliance, health and beauty.”

The range launched in South Africa late last year and is available at Clicks stores as well as on www.clicks.co.za. The collection offers solutions ranging from hydrating, to repairing, to defining, to heat protection and scalp care at affordable prices.

Keen to try the range for yourself? Here’s what our editor thought:

“Gabrielle Union is such an icon, and I know she’s been a natural hair activist for a long time, which makes her the perfect person to team up with Larry Sims for this collection. Women all around the world relate to her, not only because of the personal journeys she’s been on, but also because of her struggle to find hair care products that do her natural hair justice.

I love that this collection is readily available at Clicks and that the price points are so competitive, ranging from R150 to R200. Often times when you hear a celeb’s name connected to a brand you expect a sky-high price tag, but I think the fact that Flawless products are affordable, really speaks to Gabrielle’s desire for this range to be accessible for as many women as possible.

The offering is quite vast – there are 12 products available in the range, which includes wash, treatment and styling products. From a quality point of view, one can see that a lot of care was taken when these products were formulated. They contain a variety of really nourishing ingredients, including moringa oil, rice oil, biotin, jojoba oil, Indian neem oil and more.

I received the range to test, but as I have fine straight hair I gave the products to a curly-haired friend to try instead. She loved them, and her feedback was very similar to what I’ve seen written online. The products feel rich and luxurious, a little goes a long way and they smell great. She said her hair loved the formulas and felt noticeably softer, and with time, stronger. Her favourite of the range was the Flawless Restoring Exotic Oil Treatment, which seals in moisture and replenishes dull and dry hair – apparently it works like a charm!

If you have curly or textured hair and you’re still on a quest to find the perfect range for you, I’d recommend giving Flawless a try. I’ve read nothing but great reviews and know for a fact that Gabrielle Union wouldn’t put her name on something unless it was flawless (excuse the pun).”
– Anien, Editor


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