How can I treat my PMS?

The dreaded PMS… what causes it and how can I treat it to feel better?


Dr Graham Duncombe from Skin, Body & Health Renewal responds:

“PMS is caused by your body reacting to falling hormone levels in your cycle signaling the end of ovulation and leading up to menstruation. This is known as the Luteal Phase of your cycle. It can be alleviated by supplementing low doses of progesterone over this time together with omega 3 essential fatty acids, vitamin B, anti-inflammatories and diuretics.”

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5 Responses

  1. I have been struggling with PMS and it usually affects my relationships with people. I didn’t know I could treat it. Do you need a prescription for progesterone and who do you go to a GP or a Gynecologist. I truly need one because I become so miserable and horrible to people when I am PMSing.

    1. Hi Manyela. You would need to consult a GP to get a prescription for progesterone.

  2. For me, vitamin B helps, lots of green vegetables & to be careful with the consumption of coffee.

  3. That’s interesting to know. I had no idea that one could treat PMS. Usually chocolate does it for me.

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