How healthy is your hair?

How healthy is your hair? 1These days Pantene has been taking a closer look at hair – all the way down to their structural level. And what they found was what we suspected all along, a single hair care formula doesn’t work consistently across multiple hair structures (fine, normal to thick, and colour-treated).

So, naturally, new formulas and adjustments to current hair treatments were made and put to the test. Not satisfied with scientific lab tests, Pantene tested their new products in the dryness of the Sahara dessert, the humidity of the Amazon and even the craziness of a celebrity lifestyle.

‘When I put Pantene to the test, I was seriously impressed with the results,’ says Liv Tyler. ‘I hoped it would pass the test, but my hair has never looked healthier and the results last.’

Pantene have identified seven signs of healthy looking hair: shine, manageability, lack of flyaway and frizz, smoothness, strength, volume and lack of split ends. How healthy is your hair? Put it to the test…

Test 1: How manageable is your hair?

You’ll need: a wide-tooth comb
After washing and conditioning your hair, starting at your centre parting, use a wide-tooth comb and pull it slowly through your wet hair after using your current product. How far does the comb go?

Test 2: How smooth is your hair?
You’ll need: a ribbon
Take a section of hair at the front of your head and start to loosely braid the hair. After two or three loops, start to include a ribbon in the braid for another two or three loops, then leave the braid to hang loose. Then rinse the braided section of hair and notice how long it takes for the ribbon to unravel/fall out of the hair.

Test 3: How shiny is your hair?
You’ll need: a round brush and a torch
Use a round brush and starting at the tips wrap the hair inwards around the brush. Tilt your head in the opposite direction to capture the light reflection from an overhead torch – note how clear the ‘shine band’ is.

Test 4: How frizzy is your hair?
You’ll need: a balloon
Rub an inflated balloon backwards and forwards lightly against you clean dry hair and notice the amount of flyaways particularly at the parting and hairline.


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  1. Wow, I can’t wait to try these interesting tests out! So good to know your hair so you know how to take care and manage it!

  2. Pantene products are the best! I have tried many hair care products and shampoos and always return to my trusty Pantene. Also cost-effective!

  3. I will definetely use these tips to check how healthy
    my hair is. I never use Pantene hair products, I must try them as well.

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