How to: blow dry your hair perfectly every time

How to: blow dry your hair perfectly every timeVery few of us can afford the luxury of having our hair blow dried professionally on a weekly basis, so we need to do it ourselves – perfectly! Here’s how to get that salon feeling at home.

1. Wash your hair

You need to start with freshly-washed hair – if you aim a hair dryer at already dry hair you are just asking for damage and frizz – the complete opposite of what we are trying to accomplish here!

2. Apply product

Towel dry your hair first (with gentle blotting, not wild rubbing!) to mop up excess moisture; too much water in your hair will dilute the product so you have to use much more. Also, if you start blow drying your hair while it is still sopping wet, it will take forever.

A good styling product is absolutely key to getting a good look. If you have fine, limp hair, you will want to add a volumising mousse (try Kadus Professional 3D Sculpt Dramatize Volume Mousse, R157); if it is thick and curly, apply something that will keep the frizz away, or perhaps a straightening product, if that’s the look you’re going for. A good product to try is Davines Ol Oil, R200. If you have dry hair, try using a leave-in conditioner (Gliss Oil Nutritive Express Repair Conditioner by Schwarzkopf, R80, is great).

Be sure to get that product on every strand, starting at the ends and working your way up. Comb through.

3. Rough dry hair

Before you start the blow dry proper, rough dry your hair, mostly at the roots, using your fingers. Hold the hair away from the scalp and point your dryer so that the air is flowing from the crown of your head downward.

If you have fine hair, you might prefer to do this step holding your head upside down.

4. Separate hair into sections

Divide your hair into sections. Depending on the thickness of your hair, three sections is probably enough: on the top, middle and the nape of your neck. If you have a fringe, leave it loose – and dry it first so that it doesn’t dry naturally and then you have to either re-wet it or madly wrestle with an unruly fringe letting the rest of your smooth, shiny, perfect hair down!

5. Begin styling

Beginning at the nape section, and starting at the ends (because they dry faster) use a round-barrelled brush, and pull it slowly through your hair as you go. The secret to this stage is to keep the hair as taut as you possibly can, and to make sure that the nozzle of your dryer is pointing DOWN the shaft of your hair at all times. This is the way to ensure shiny hair with no frizziness.

6. Lock in style

Lock in the style by blasting each section with cold air from your dryer.

7. Finish with serum

Add shine and hold down any flyaway frizzy bits of hair with a shine serum – although if you have oily or fine, limp locks you will want to skip this stage. We love Wella Professionals Mirror Polish Shine Serum, R199. A great tip is to spray the serum onto your hair brush and then apply it to your hair. This makes sure it is evenly distributed and avoids the application of too much product.

Image: Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/

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76 Responses

  1. Bleh! I have never been able to master blow drying but I recon I will give it another shot with these tips

  2. I do this but I find that I still need my straightener to give it the sleek finish..and to help it from getting all puffy and voluminous..

  3. I always run out of arm to keep the hair taut.
    When I dry my hair I use this method, the hair continues and continues.

  4. I don’t blow dry my hair due to the fact that it tends to get very oily when product applied and then I end up washing my hair every day and without product it tends to frizz and feel like steel wool! :(

  5. I too do all this already but i find when i towel dry my hair and apply a heat protecting product, its better to let your hair dry naturally a bit before blow drying. As a time saver when I blow dry a section I immediately straight iron it so my hair doesn’t have to go through double heating and it also quickens the process.

  6. i was never a fan of the blowdryer as only my hair stylist got it right but i will try this out

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