‘Tashe tips from the experts

'Tashe tips from the expertsA moustache is not only for Movember. If you have grown attached to the idea of a little manly facial fuzz but you’re nervous about where to start, don’t fret. We have gathered a few top tips from the experts on growing and maintaining the ultimate mo.

We chatted to top facial hair experts at Sweeny’s Barbershop and Yogi’s (both in Cape Town) to get the low down.

1. Decide what moustache you are looking for.

“What look do you want?” says Naomi Smit of Sweeney’s. “Once you have decided on a shape then it’s time to set about defining it.” From the famed Handlebar to the slightly more niche Fu Manchu you can find a full list of styles, plus illustrations on the American Moustache Institute website.

2. Define your moustache.

Always shave just outside the line of your ‘tache leaving room to tidy it up properly with the edging blade of razor. “It doesn’t require daily maintenance, except if you have a rapid growth,” says Yogi, owner of Yogi’s Barbershop. “But it does depend on the individual and the growth of hair above the lip.”

3. Keep it neat.

“Woman don’t like an unkempt moustache,” says Naomi. You need a small trimmer that you can buy from Clicks. Always keep the ‘tache hair off the lips. “Use your scissors to nip all spiky hairs out of the way and lastly, make sure your moustache is even on either side,” says Yogi. Keeping it symmetrical is of vital importance to the overall look, so take extra care with initial shaping.

4. Moisturise.

The skin under your facial hair becomes very dry, as hair draws moisture away from the skin. The result can be itchy skin and dry flakes. A cream is often hard to rub in, so try using something like Bio Oil in that area, rubbing it in well.

5. Comb it and keep it clean.

Keep the hair flowing in the right direction – the hair on your head needs a little (or a lot!) of guidance and so does your moustache. Show it the way to go with a comb each morning once you’ve moisturised. Keep a close eye for any stray bits of food that might accumulate during the day and always rinse with warm water after eating to keep any odours at bay.

6. Shower before you shave.

When you are shaving your ‘tache use a transparent gel or oil rather than a foam so you can see where you are going with the razor. The steam from the shower helps to soften the hairs, making them easier to cut.

You will need:
• A small, sharp pair of scissors
• A double-edged razor
• A fine-toothed comb

Hot ‘tache looks for 2013

Yogi says the hottest moustaches for 2013 are the French Lieutenant and a trimmed down Magnum PI.

Image: PRPhotos.com

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  1. hate a moustache, I think it is the ugliest thing for a man to grow on his face. Also makes them look very dodgy….I can live with a bit of stubble but that is all

  2. Very helpful! My lover has one, and although he takes care of it, I’ll definitely be passing some of these tips onto him!

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