How to manscape

How to manscapeWhile we can truly appreciate a wild, rugged terrain, there are just some times you can’t beat a beautifully manicured garden. BeautyHeaven let us in on a few little secrets for getting your man to look and feel his best.

Men tend to be a little clueless when it comes to grooming. They’re also mighty slack. But all hope is not lost when it comes to gaining a smooth, soft, fresh man, because the good news is this: men can be taught, men can be trained, and men can turn into a groomed-male masterpiece. How? Well, with a few subtle hints, and a few not-so-subtle product placements, that’s how…


While we don’t want our men to turn into bathroom hogs, most men could invest a little more time and money into their facial skin care routines. The trick to getting your man on board the Face Care Train is to arm him with products that feature masculine packaging, ones that allow him to see actual results, and ones that allow you to cheekily sneak in an SPF to prevent sun damage and pigmentation.


The point at which a male realises his hair does, in fact, need to be washed on a regular basis generally coincides with graduating from high school (phew!), but to encourage this thought process even more, pop a manly-looking shampoo bottle in the shower. Opting for one that gently removes product build-up is a smart idea, too, as it’ll eliminate the residue left behind from those brilliant textured styling products that create structured or messy hairstyles.


I often feel sorry for our hands. Generally speaking, the poor old sods are ignored by both males and females, leaving them dry, wrinkly and sun-damaged before their time. Put a stop to premature hand ageing by giving your man a hand cream that’s easily absorbed and non-greasy (men HATE that oily feeling on their paws), but is nourishing at the same time.


When it comes to a man’s grooming routine, the body is an easy one. The male species are rather fond of a body wash or two, but it’s the moisturising part that causes most of the problems. Give them a delicious-smelling body wash to both energise and cleanse, as well as a gentle but dry skin-fighting body moisturiser that combats scaly, tight skin so well they find they can’t live without it.


It’s a tough gig getting a man to pay attention to his feet, but it must be tackled. The key is to pick a product that doesn’t steal his masculinity; one that he’s not afraid to carry around in his toiletries bag.


You’ll need to arm them with both a hard-working anti-perspirant deodorant to prevent sweating and unfortunate odours, and a stylish fragrance in a sleek bottle to leave them smelling fresh and oh-so manly.

Does your man ‘manscape’? Or is he relaxed when it comes to grooming? What tips and tricks do you use to get your man to take better care of himself?

Originally written by Cherie, this article appeared on BeautyHeaven.



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  1. I am a fortunate guy my girl is actually a beauty control freak, so i get pampered by her every sunday, the grooms me and take and add whatever she thinks is right, but it’s important to Manscape i mean the ladies in our life really takes the time to look good so i think we should tooooooooo.

  2. I love men who are interested in grooming themselves, us girls try so hard why can’t they keep up, just dont overdo it like us girl though. :)

  3. I don’t get it – my husband takes forever to get his hair just right, but moans when I ask (ie tell) him to moisturise his face??

  4. Some woman love the smooth look, but i like the Tom Selleck look, it can be very sexy and it’s looks very manly LOVE THE HAIR.

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