How to: Rock different lipstick shades

Somehow the majority of us seem to think that there are one or two lipstick shades that look good on us, and nothing else. We stick to the shades we know, and never venture off into unchartered lipstick territories. The truth is, in all the different lipstick colour families (reds, pinks, corals etc) there is at least one shade that’ll suit you – but more likely, there are many! We put BeautySouthAfrica reader Blossom up to the challenge of trying a few lipstick shades she wouldn’t normally wear, and just look at the stunning results.

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The key to rocking different shades is to keep the rest of your make-up simple – especially if you’re wearing a new shade, people will notice it more easily and all attention will be on your lips. Keep eyes and cheeks neutral to allow your lips to shine. Avoid wearing a shirt / dress in a similar colour to your lipstick, rather opt for neutrals like navy, grey, black and white – that way the colour really pops and doesn’t have to compete with your clothes for attention. And lastly, play, play and play some more. You won’t know until you’ve tried it, so try as many shades as you can, even if you think they may not suit you.

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8 Responses

  1. My favourite is a natural shade of pink. I used to be so scared of red lipstick but now I love it!

  2. The last look is the prettiest for everyday wear. The first one with the red lippie is so beautiful on its own. I love the simplicity of it against bare skin.

  3. I like to try different colours depending on my mood but I always make sure that my eyes don’t compete with my lips. I have a collection of lipsticks and I’m still collecting!

  4. I like neutral shades, and every now and then I will wear a red lipstick. I am very afraid of trying dark shades like purple.

  5. I always purchase different shades and even daring ones, but whenever it comes to wearing bold lipsticks, and especially reds out in public, I chicken out. Although they also look nice, I just think the neutral colours looks better. So why would you not wear the thing that looks better?

  6. I’m so ready to rock the darker lip shades this winter, and it will be super easy to wear pretty neutrals that won’t clash with statement lips :)

  7. Unfortunately, rocking different shades is not only about ensuring the right makeup and dress code, but it also depends on the shape of your lips. I have thin lips, especially my top lip, so if I try to rock a gorgeous red and smile, the top part disappears.

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