How to: show off your décolletage

How to: show off your décolletage

“Décolletage” usually refers to a low-cut neckline but is often used to refer to one’s neck, chest and shoulder line. It can be one of the most beautiful parts of our bodies to show off! Remember, it is always the one part that ages quickly, so it requires some extra care.

Here are our eight steps to getting your décolleté area ready for show.

#1 Use a gentle cleanser – this part of our body is very delicate and the skin on this area lacks the elasticity that the rest of our face tends to have. Use a gentle cleanser and always pat dry.

#2 Make use of a gentle exfoliator once a week to remove any dead skin cells in order to make your décolleté look smoother. Use gentle, circular motions when applying.

#3 Always apply a moisturiser after cleansing and exfoliating. Never skip this area. It is just as important as our face and the rest of our body. This area also has less sebaceous glands, so it tends to get more dehydrated. If you don’t want to buy a cream that is specifically made for this area, apply your usual moisturiser.

#4 Always apply an SPF! This area is one of the most exposed areas of our bodies. Slather on the SPF now and you will thank yourself later.

#5 Try not to sleep on your chest all the time. Repetitive sleeping habits on this area can cause slight wrinkles. Remember this area lacks elasticity too, so it’s best to be extra careful.

#6 Exercise also plays an important role in supporting this area. Performing specific chest and back exercises will help offer support by building surrounding muscles. Another good tip is to remember your posture. Having good posture will make your décolleté area stand out more and look great, plus it will make you look more confident.

#7 Support is key when it comes to your bust area looking its best. If a bra don’t fit it don’t look good! We all know that we feel more confident and comfortable with the right support. Make sure you get measured properly and find one best suited to you. That low cut dress you’ve been wanting to wear is one step closer to reality now!

#8 Our favourite tip for a quick fix is to add a bit of bronzer to your décolleté. Whether it is a self-tan done at home or just some bronzing powder, it will do wonders!

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  1. I always use a face cream on my neck and chest area which has kept my skin looking great. I also use SPF 50 and keep a light scarf in my car so that when I am driving, I loop it around my neck so that my chest area is always shielded from the sun. No wrinkly and spotty skin for me!

  2. I never took any notice of this area but from now on I will follow these tips regularly!

  3. Sounding blonde I did not know that term but thank you I know now. These tips will follow I usually apply oil so to soak up some moisture that should be okay right

  4. I like sweeping a bit of The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil onto my collar bone to give it a slight shimmer without looking greasy.
    Awesome article, Thanks :)

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