Your eye make-up questions answered

Professional make-up artist Shahnaz Cola-Wrensch knows a thing or two about make-up. Here, she answers a few of the eye make-up questions submitted by you, our lovely BeautySouthAfrica readers.

Shahnaz Cola-Wrensch answers your make-up questions

What colour eyeliner is best for hazel-coloured eyes and dark brown hair?Shaheeda Loofer

When it comes to choosing eyeliner for hazel-coloured eyes, typically shades like chocolate brown and purple are good as they really make the eye pop. However, with brown hair you can add shades like plum, dark greys and dark greens. Navy can also look really beautiful. I have brown eyes and brown hair and I love to play with colour. I find, for me, bronze and cobalt blue can also look amazing.

I’ve been battling forever to apply liquid eyeliner. Please give me your best tips to achieve that model girl look?Melanie-Ann Diesel

Liquid liner can be a tricky one because it runs very easily. For a model girl look, it’s really about beautiful skin, so a combination of foundation and concealer, highlighting and contouring, lashings of mascara, filling in brows with either a brow pen or an eyeshadow to create the fuller modern brow and a beautiful pop of colour on your lip. If you really want to have the liner on the top lid, opt for a liner pen which is more like a felt tip pen and so much easier to apply. Alternatively, use a gel liner and an angled brush to create your shape as it won’t run and you can tidy up with an ear bud. It’s all about practice when you are winging out and I will be posting a video soon on how to apply liner in this way. A quicker way is to take a long lasting eyeliner and apply it onto the top lashes and into the crease and then blend, creating subtle definition to the eye with a slight smoke, which is so easy to do.

What can I use for under eye dark circles?Marlaine Reynders

When treating dark circles, firstly, before you apply make-up, make sure you have your beauty routine down as you want the area under your eyes to be hydrated and glowing. Get a day and night eye cream and really massage it in. When applying concealer, you want to first apply a colour corrector to help take out the darkness and then apply the concealer. If you apply the concealer without the colour corrector it can make that area go grey, which is definitely what you want to avoid. Lighter skin tones will use a pink undertone colour corrector and darker skin tones a more peachy colour corrector. Apply it with your ring finger and gently tap onto the skin. Then, with a blending brush, gently apply your concealer for a more seamless finish.



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    1. Hi Mark. With blue eyes you can go with colours that compliment your eyes. Dark blue works very well to really make your eyes pop, as does purple.

    1. Hi Mark. Both eyeliners are good, it depends purely on personal preference which you use. Pencil eyeliners are great for adding definition to a smokey eye. If you would like to create a perfect winged eyeliner, then liquid eyeliner is better suited.

  1. If you have hazel eyes, you can also do a Moroccan-eyed makeup using bronzes, golds, turquoises :) It looks really sexy, especially if you dress it up with clothing items in those colours.

  2. Yes, liquid liner can be really tricky but I find that the packaging and tip of the liner also plays a big part in how easy it can be to apply.

  3. Good advice about under eye circles. I began using concealer under the eye without colour correcting and it looked okay but after someone showed my how to colour correct first, I admit it looks way better that way

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