How to winter proof your hair

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Take special care of your hair during the harsh winter months. Here are some tips from the Dark & Lovely hair experts.

  1. Preserve or add moisture to your hair and adopt a hair care regimen that puts as little stress as possible on your hair.
  2. Deep condition your hair weekly to replenish moisture.
  3. Hot oil treatments are also a good way to prevent flakiness and keep your hair and scalp healthy and nourished. Stay away from products that coat the hair as this will make the dryness worse.
  4. Switch things up by opting for a protective hairstyle like braids and cornrows during winter. Avoid braids that are tight especially around your hairline. Don’t keep your braids in for longer than 3 weeks and take breaks between braid styles to give your hair a rest.
  5. A good night time routine is important, especially during winter. Apply product to the mid-lengths and ends and cover your hair with a satin scarf. This will trap your body heat and help the product to penetrate into the hair shaft.
  6. If you don’t or can’t wrap your hair, sleep on a satin pillowcase because a cotton one will suck the moisture out of your hair.

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  1. Coconut Oil heated applied once a week to my hair. Leave it on for a few hours then shampoo wash. Inexpensive and works wonders for me.

  2. I am trying to have a good winter routine for my hair, I have one for my face. Right now good old braids are my go to and I don’t cover my hair in the shower so that it can get the steam I think it helps(I keep it away from the water).

  3. Great tips! I also use extra moisture during winter, but the problem is my scalp usually gets oily quick while the rest of my hair is on the dry side.

  4. i always try to keep my hands moisturized, dry hands is probably one of the worst feelings ever.

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