How to: use dry shampoo

Friday, 28 March 2014

How to use dry shampoo

How many times have you overslept on a morning you’re meant to wash your hair? We all know the feeling, as well as the frustration of having to face the day with greasy hair. If you’ve already discovered the miracle that is dry shampoo, you’ll know that these mornings no longer have to result in a mini panic attack. If you haven’t, however, you’re in for a treat.

Dry shampoo is designed to absorb oil from the hair and the scalp, and serves as a “quick fix” to dirty or greasy-looking hair. Though it is not a long-term solution and doesn’t take the place of your regular shampoo, it works wonders if you need to freshen up your locks but don’t have time for a wash and condition.

Follow these simple steps and tips to ensure you make the most out of your dry shampoo:

  1. Make sure that your hair is dry – dry shampoo does not work on wet hair.
  2. Holding the can about 15 – 20cm from your hair, spray the shampoo evenly through your locks. If you spray too closely you may end up with a build-up of product that makes your hair look even worse than when you began.
  3. You may find that you only need to use it on your roots as the ends of one’s hair seldom gets greasy.
  4. Let the product settle on your hair for a minute or two, allowing it to absorb the oil. Don’t panic if it makes your hair white – the colour will disappear during the next step.
  5. With clean hands, give your roots a vigorous rub until all traces of white residue disappears.
  6. Style your hair with your brush or comb as usual.

By following these steps, you should be left with delicious-smelling and fresh-looking hair.

Tip tip:
Keep a bottle of dry shampoo at work. That way you can always freshen up your locks if you’re going out for dinner / drinks after work, or if you have to attend that important meeting right after a lunch break outside in the South Easter!

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Anien studied English and journalism before heading off into the world of beauty. An undercover "tree hugger" and fashion lover, she's usually found with her nose in a magazine. She has far too many bottles of nail polish and is completely lost without her lip balm. Anien on Google+

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Tell your friends

    My hair gets greasy quickly so these dry shampoo tips will come in handy.

    4 years ago •

  1. Tanya

    I will definitely follow these tips and steps next time.

    5 years ago •

  1. Lauren-leigh Jacobs

    Lol, I have used dry shampoo before and it just made my hair dull. I see now that I haven’t been doing the steps properly. Thanks guys.

    5 years ago •

  1. Sashnee Rambaly

    Thanks I really need to try this.

    5 years ago •

  1. Starlin

    I’ve tried different brands of dry shampoo and don’t like it at all. Does not work for my hair

    5 years ago •

  1. RoseAngel

    ESP helpful in winter for my daughters hair, I normally wash their everyday, but when it’s too cold they get a body bath and a dry shampoo, it also help untangle the hair.

    5 years ago •

  1. Sandra Phoma

    I am sceptical about dry shampoos. I will stick with traditional ways of washing my hair.

    5 years ago •

  1. Gabby Correia

    Dry shampoo never works on my hair, I must’ve been doing something wrong haha

    5 years ago •

  1. me

    Guess that is one of the benefits of having long hair.
    A very good tip to keep some of this product where one would have need of it but not have it handy at the time.

    5 years ago •

  1. Esterhuizen

    I have a bottle at home that I’ve yet to use because I didn’t really know how to use it LOL, not I’ll give it a try when needed.

    5 years ago •

  1. foreverGLAM

    I haven’t given it a try yet but will consider it now that I know how to use it.

    5 years ago •

  1. Sue1N

    Great tips! Thank you & good to know how to do this.

    5 years ago •

  1. Sammy

    Thanks, many people complain of white residue maybe they just not following these steps

    5 years ago •

  1. Hess

    I have a bottle at home, but haven’t quite figured out how to use it, thanks!

    5 years ago •

  1. Cornelli

    Been using dry shampoo for a long time but never knew the right tricks!

    5 years ago •

    1. thokozilemohohole

      Thank you for sharing. Indeed these are great tips.

      5 years ago •

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